Someone’s Slaking Off – COMMUNITY DAY 18 – Slakoth

I have to preface this post with the fact that yes I am a European player playing within the European/African band. I also want to say that I said before that Charmander was the worst Community Day in terms of enjoyment. This is way worse. It’s so bad I’m writing this as I’m eating my Chinese within the last minutes of the Community Day.

Everything seemed quite normal, but the rain was awful. I’d gone to the usual park to start my Community Day there. 3pm hits, and the weather changes. I say that because I didn’t think anything of it until I saw the encounter screen. It’s the usual screen for sunny weather, or what used to be the base background before weather was implemented.

I checked the overworld map – the weather had gone. Me and my friend Sam thought nothing of it, and carried on. Over the course of a few minutes we noticed we were seeing less Slakoth spawns than the usual fare, but I put it down to not having any lure modules activated around the hotspots. But the lures that were eventually put down weren’t spawning Slakoth. In fact, we had to keep chasing them down. Instead we ended up occupied by the raids that were happening instead of the Community Day. Which, apart from Cresselia, were all Onix. Although I wasn’t complaining, I still need an event shiny. I have not been blessed.

Altogether I got the 2 shinies – including one traded to me by a friend. My only other was on the bus home. I am a shiny magnet on buses it seems.

All in all, I’m okay with it being a disaster because it’s on a Pokemon that I don’t really care for. At the same time, I was not impressed. I think I saw more Murkrow than I did Slakoth on the way home, if I’m honest. My last-minute incense spawned no Slakoth.

6pm hit. Some Adventure event spawns came back. Surprisingly, the weather did not.

I think Niantic need to take a lot from this Community Day, so that we can have something more stable next time. We could also do to be compensated for this – people go out and buy the boxes, incenses and lures only for it to be a disappointment. I already emailed Niantic and suggesting us being compensated. Perhaps we could have a re-do like Asia did with Beldum, however I don’t see that happening, mainly because Niantic have been unfair to the European region consistently – no Larvitar re-do, no shiny rate balance for Feebas, and the current issue with Mr. Mime and accommodating Mime Jr. The only thing they have done for compensation is to release Corsola for a limited time.

Let me know what the experience was like for you, whether you weren’t involved in our issues that we had today.

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