My Thoughts on Pokemon Direct

So we just had the Pokemon Direct and I was taking notes as I was watching it live, so I wanted to give my thoughts on the reveals that we’ve had, well, revealed to us today. The Direct was only 15 minutes long but they pack a lot of information in it, so much I got a headache…

So we were refreshed with the starter Pokemon – Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble. For now I’m still set on starting with Scorbunny, final evolution pending of course. Then we got introduced to some new Pokemon!

We saw a few new Pokemon, and hopefully we won’t get introduced to more like last gen.

First of all we have Wooloo, which is an adorable sheep Pokemon, and I’m hyped for that, that’s for certain. We also have Corviknight, the raven also featured which proved popular within the stream. We also had three new Pokemon – Gossifleur, which evolves into Eldegoss, and Drednaw.

On top of that we saw other Pokemon, such as Budew, Hippopotas, Tyranitar and Steelix. This leads me onto the Wild Area, which is more of an open-world-esque style similar to a Safari Zone from generations past. This is where we could see Pokemon in the overworld ready to catch.

Here, I go onto Gyms, which are essentially football stadiums. And with this comes a new gimmick called Dynamax, which allows the Pokemon to grow to a large size and to gain stat boosts. This can only be activated once per battle, and has a three-turn limit. This ensures that you can’t just sweep a team, I suppose. I’m not sure what to think of Dynamaxing – I would have preferred Mega Evolutions  being brought back, but I suppose it’s a staple of this gen.

Moving on to a new multiplayer feature – Max Raid Battles. This will be a similar set-up to Pokemon Go, but at certain areas, you can join as a party of 4 to defeat a wild Dynamaxed Pokemon, with the ability to catch it afterwards. Featured Pokemon included Weavile, Clefable and Dugtrio.

What would happen to the Gym when a Wailord Dynamaxes? Oh no…

As for the residents of the Galar region – I’m not keen on that they identified the champion straight away, but seeing as though your rival is his younger brother, I suppose it makes sense for story purposes. But seriously, who gives birth to a kid and thinks ‘you know what name would suit this kid? Hop. That’s right. Hop’…like…NO!

We also have Professor Magnolia, with her granddaughter Sonia as her assistant. We can already imagine the lewd artwork we’ll see of Sonia very shortly.

As we also predicted, the box-art Legendary Pokemon are based on wolves, with a sword and shield element respectively. The sword Pokemon is Zacian, and the shied is Zamazenta. I can assume that Zacian is more speedy with a good base attack stat, while Zamazenta will have a more bulky stat distribution.

We also have a release date for November 15th 2019 – definitely going to pre-order that!

So how do I feel about all of this? Well it’s safe to say I’m pretty damn hyped. I’m looking forward to not hearing much about the rest of the Pokemon, and I think the only thing that should be revealed is perhaps the evil team. Otherwise, I’d like to discover everything else as I’m playing it.

I want to know what you thought of the Direct. Is there anything you wanted to include? Let me know in the comments section!

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Pokemon Direct

  1. Tim

    My first thought when they showed Sonia was “welp…she’s going to be turned into porn”. It seems that was the larger internet’s reaction too.


    1. poketravellerlola

      Well look what happened to the likes of Gardevoir. I say no more on that matter. In the meantime I might as well go drink some brain bleach.


      1. poketravellerlola

        Basically anything that looks humanoid or anthropomorphic gets the…I don’t even wanna go there.


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