IT’S HAPPENING! Pokemon Go News

I have a couple of things I want to discuss with you today. The first is the announcement of the Adventure Week Threequel (yes I said threequel because it’s our third in as many years), and that of the much-talked-about 0.145.0 update that is currently being slowly rolling out. There’s also something that I looked into on my own, and I did email Niantic.

I’ll get the update stuff out first because I’m excited, let’s face it. Nothing outside the bug fixes have been confirmed by Niantic, and things can change, but it doesn’t stop me from being hyped about it. The update features information about my favourite Mythical Pokemon, Jirachi. As you may know, Jirachi is a Steel/Psychic Pokemon, one of two Hoenn Pokemon yet to be introduced to Pokemon Go (as well as Kecleon). The details allude to Jirachi being encountered while sleeping and you have to wake it up. We cannot be sure if it’s just cosmetic or the encounter involves something else, but we can hopefully look forward to a special event with Jirachi soon!

Along with the Jirachi datamine we also have two new moves – Charm and Giga Impact. Charm will be the Fairy-type fast move that we all wanted so much. Both moves’ assets are still missing from the client, but the items are still there within the code. Charm is a non-damaging move in the main games, which makes me speculate that it functions the same as Yawn, but with a stat-lowering effect in PvP matches.

The datamine also alludes to ‘Ticketed Events’ being renamed to ‘Dynamic Events’.

Onto my second piece of news, which isn’t really news, but it’s something that concerned me. It was brought to my attention that Niantic were discontinuing the Research Days due to complaints about them. I mentioned that if they were discontinuing Research Days due to complaints, then Community Days could (or should) be discontinued too due to complaints. I reiterated how important these events are to our local community. I received a reply stating that they acknowledge that the events may not be up to standards but they do not have plans or information to share to discontinue Research Days. So this seems like good news on that front, like we haven’t seen the last of Research Days. Perhaps Niantic wanted to refine them more before a new Research Day is launched, or they want to hype us up for Kecleon? Who knows?

And now onto the juicy news that is upon us – the Adventure Week is returning, featuring the usual Rock-type Pokemon that we see every year (including newcomers that were released over the last year). I’m desperate for a shiny Aron – I’m over 1,000 encounters without a shiny and a lot of people are actually questioning why I’m so unlucky with it…

  • Tuesday 4th June until 11th June.
  • We can hatch Rock-type Pokemon from 2km eggs.
  • We can encounter the Rock-type Pokemon in raids.
  • Shiny Onix, Lileep and Anorith will be included.
  • You can earn 4x Buddy Candy.
  • Visit new Pokestops and earn 10x XP from the first spin – remember your Lucky Eggs!
  • Remember your Adventure Sync and keep walking – walk 50km or more to earn 50,000 stardust and 15 Rare Candies!
  • Special Field Research.

Honestly I love the Adventure Week events. They have a special place in my heart – especially when the first one helped me get my first Aerodactyl to complete my regional Dex (before Legendaries).

I’m planning on possibly going to York for the event, it’s one of the cities in the UK that I can get to easily, and I’ve never been for Pokemon Go before, so that will be a new experience for me!

So we have a lot of things to go over…

One thought on “IT’S HAPPENING! Pokemon Go News

  1. Tim

    I love that adventure week fell in a week I was travelling last year, as that allowed me to rack up so much XP. I’m not quite as lucky this year, but I’m hoping I can still get a lot of buddy candy. I have a Burmy that I need to evolve (nevermind if I find a Gible or Hippopotas).


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