Ordinary Raid Week – Round Up

Well the Extraordinary Raid Week has ended, and well…let’s just say it fell flat in a lot of areas. There wasn’t a lot of raids going around throughout the day before the Raid Hour – although I expected that they may have wanted us to save our raid passes for it, I wasn’t so sure.

Raid Hour

I was excited about the prospect of doing a good amount of raids when I left the house. However, there was a considerable lack of lower-level raids where I ventured out. Here is the full list of raids I encountered:

  • Harry’s Bar – Mesprit
  • Community Centre – Alolan Raichu
  • Ashby War Memorial – Mesprit
  • New Jubilee Park – Mesprit
  • Lincoln Imp – Bibarel
  • RAOB – Aerodactyl
  • Old Shop Scales – Bronzor
  • Heslam Park – Mesprit
  • The Nutshell – Mesprit
  • Central Park Fountain – Mesprit
  • Appleby Frodingham – Mesprit
  • The Pods – Alolan Raichu
  • Main Post Office – Scyther
  • Scunthorpe Train Station – Mawile
  • Ashby Post Office – Alolan Marowak

I managed to do six of the above fifteen raids, due to the rest needing more than the two of us to complete. The Scyther and Mawile raids were out of reach and I had to make an early departure, sadly.


Throughout the rest of the week before Lapras Day, the raids were still fewer than normal – and it doesn’t appear to be just me either – so I feel that it’s more of an ‘Ordinary Raid Week’ rather than Extraordinary as was advertised.

Lapras Raid Day

Lapras Raid Day, or a ‘Chaos Day’ as we like to call them, started differently to the norm. Instead of one large group making their way around town, we had a few groups splintered off in different sides of town to make it just that bit easier. It also resulted in less competition for car parking spaces, and less issues at any one time. Plus because we were in smaller groups, we ended up raiding with the people that we got along with the most (with a few exceptions doing the opposite route).

Harry’s Bar -> Ashby Community Centre -> Ashby War Memorial -> RAOB Club -> New Jubilee Park -> Lincoln Imp -> Old Shop Scales -> The Nutshell -> Central Park Fountain -> Council Anchor -> The Pods -> Appleby Frodingham -> Main Post Office -> Scunthorpe Train Station -> 20-21 Visual Arts -> Church Square House -> Scunthorpe Central Library -> Guru Nanak Sikh Temple -> Co-operative Mutual Industrial Society -> Holy Souls Church

It took me my fourth raid (at RAOB) to get my shiny, so I was feeling good about the day anyway. Although that meant because of a bet I’d made, I was to buy cake for next Community Day! Other people were luckier, getting theirs on the first or second attempt. But we pressed on, avoiding the Gyms that took too long to get to that wasn’t in any cluster – so often neglected Gyms such as Bottesford Baptist Church, Anchor Pub or All Saints Church were neglected. We’d instead opted to do Gyms that were already in a large cluster, so less time was spent travelling and instead was focused on raiding.

We’d come across a newer player while at The Nutshell, and she was disappointed that she’d arrived just as we had finished that raid. However, we allowed her to raid with us for a bit. The first Lapras raid she did – the first ever Lapras – was a shiny! I think she only did two raids with us, she just wanted to get a Lapras. I’d also traded my third shiny Magikarp over to a friend who was after one since they were released – so she finally has one at least!

Overall, the numbers slowly dwindled, but we still had a solid group towards the end, where we were forced to tap and go in order to make it to the last raid before the time was up. I was in front, leading the way, with the second shiny Lapras on my screen. I was happy to get one for Connor, as he was unable to take part because he was sleeping from his night shift.

Altogether we did 20 Lapras raids. I will admit that I had a lot of fun with the community, and I enjoyed the time that I spent with them. It was a beautiful day too, perfect weather for this kind of event. It was warm, that’s for certain, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. I’d even come away with a sunburn, so that calls for me to go out and get some aftersun in the morning, I suppose. Overall the general odds for a shiny Lapras seemed to be a 1/10 chance for us in Europe, which I feel was fair for a solid three hours of effort put in.

Also the next day I received an EX Raid Pass for 3rd June at the Central Park Fountain.


During this week we’ve also had news of three returning Legendary Pokemon – Cresselia, Kyogre (again) and Groudon (again). Cresselia will have its shiny form released, but it’s once again a recycling of past Legendaries. The better option would have been to have a theme for the Legendaries they are bringing out – for example, releasing Cresselia if and when we ever get an event centered around Darkrai, or a shiny Rayquaza to go along with Kyogre and Groudon – perhaps even a small chance of one of the Regi trio to spawn alongside the yet unreleased Regigigas. The raids feel completely uncoordinated and out of line with any theme to go for. It’s almost as bizarre as pairing Lugia with Gen 5’s Swords of Justice. Just saying…

The last day of the Raid Week returned far more raids than previous – however today, the day after, returned far fewer raids again.

What is going on?

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