The Rain Did Not Put Out The Fire – Community Day #17 – Torchic

As on a Sunday, it was infuriating that the Community Day starts once again at 3pm, meaning that I would not be able to travel to Hull or Lincoln due to the unfair bus schedule from Scunthorpe. Instead, yet again, we opted to go to Central Park – as it’s the only place with a good amount of Pokestops.

The weather was looking good, good enough for a couple of hours of wandering and sitting by some lures. Since the Bagon Community Day, more Pokestops and Gyms have appeared in Central Park, allowing for a good cluster of spawns to appear from the lures.

Me and Connor started the Community Day at the Memorial Rock Pokestop, surrounded by five Torchics. I set up a normal lure, and started. I only needed to encounter two before I got my first shiny. And within the same cluster of five was a second shiny.

To be quite honest, because of the repeat location, there wasn’t a lot happening. Besides, we met up with a few friends, offered cake and hunted for more Torchic. I was making sure I attempted to catch everything I saw because of the 4.5x Stardust (after applying the Star Pieces).

And then it started to rain. I had not brought a jacket or an umbrella, so we sought shelter under a tree near The Nutshell Gym, where a Mesprit raid was due to start shortly. We watched as more and more people piled under the shelter and I’ll say this now, the rain was quite heavy and there must have been over 50 people there by the time the raid egg hatched and we all went into three different lobbies. I personally hadn’t seen that many people for a raid since the EX Raid I took part in in Portugal before I left – this is a testament to the success of a Scunthorpe Community Day.

Alas, we had to leave because we were at a friend’s to play a D&D session at 5pm – I ended on 7 shiny Torchic, Connor on 2, and my D&D character died twice, so I had to make my fourth character sheet of the campaign.

Looking forward to June 8th – whichever Pokemon that may be (hoping for Ralts honestly).

I also apologise for the lateness of this blog post, a lot happened and I may have a new job soon!

*EDIT* June 8th Community Day will be Slakoth. That was my second option after Ralts honestly.

3 thoughts on “The Rain Did Not Put Out The Fire – Community Day #17 – Torchic

  1. Tim

    I loved the Stardust bonus with this Community Day. I had just made a handful of big dust value trades and was able to recoup all the dust I used (plus about 30,000) on Community Day alone. This was also the first starter Community Day I’ve been excited for since Squirtle, though it was admittedly because we could finally TM for Blaze Kick.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I got a good amount of stardust ready for lucky trades and then I went and spent it on powering up good counters for Lapras tomorrow! This one was the first starter I’ve been excited for since Cyndaquil – but then Cyndaquil’s my favourite starter (first one encountered was a shiny) so not much is going to top that I suppose!


      1. Tim

        I’m going to try to make it out for Lapras day, but we’ll see how the day goes. I’m quite excited for most of the starter Community Days from here on out. There just weren’t a ton of the Gen I/II/III starters that I loved (not to mention a few that are among my least favorite Pokemon).


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