New Lures Mean New Pokemon!

I’m excited that after probably what has been forever (I want to say January), we’ve finally had a new wave of Pokemon released! The Glacial, Mossy and Magnetic Lure Modules have been released, and among them are several new Pokemon!

  • Cherubi and Cherrim
  • Burmy, Wormadam and Mothim
  • Gible, Gabite and Garchomp
  • Shellos and Gastrodon
  • Hippopotas and Hippowdon
  • Glaceon (Glacial Lure)
  • Leafeon (Mossy Lure)
  • Magnezone (Magnetic Lure)
  • Probopass (Magnetic Lure)

According to The Silph Road, none of the new wild Pokemon appear to be lure exclusive, which is great – however I can foresee them being more likely to spawn with the lures. I am excited to try out the lures, I know a great new cluster of Pokestops in my local park. From another post that I saw, they also have a different aesthetic to the usual Lure Modules – for example, you can see snowflakes from the Pokestop that has the Glacial Lure activated.

It also appears that the different forms of Shellos are not regional exclusive, which is a disappointment, because it would have been nice to have seen the East Sea and West Sea versions divided – I mean, they’re just aesthetic differences, nothing like the Lake Trio (still miffed us Europeans got shafted again with that one). For now though, at least, I’ve been told we at least get the Trash Cloak Burmy here in the UK, so time will tell if the Burmy forms are regional.

This release means that there are two non-Legendary Pokemon that have not yet been released: Mime Jr and Rotom. I have already Tweeted to Niantic about implementing Rotom as a fun Raid Boss, but apart from that I don’t see a way of implementing it. As for Mime Jr, they really buggered it up when they released Mr. Mime as a regional (still think it should have been Lapras honestly, but the damage is done).

All in all, I’m happy that most of the rest of the Pokemon are now released – I just sincerely hope they don’t do the same long roll-out with Gen 5.



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