The Most Wanted Quality of Life Updates for Pokemon Go

We know Pokemon Go is far from perfect, and there are a lot of things that Niantic needs to improve on. So here is my list of quality of life improvements and updates that I would like to see in Pokemon Go:

1) Raid flares

This idea was inspired by my trip to Portugal, where a language barrier (and social anxiety) didn’t help with raid planning. The idea I had was raid flares, where you would select a Gym with a Raid or egg on, and signal your interest in the raid. That way, others can also see the flare, and confirm that they too would like to participate.

2) An option to mass transfer Event/Legendary/Shiny Pokemon

This has been requested since the inception of the special hat Pikachus. It kinda makes me not want to catch hoards of Pikachu. It’ll make a small difference to those who want it. And for those that don’t, that’s fine. It could be a toggle option in the settings menu.

3) Postcard collection

This one is for the traveller and collector in me, where I like to collect things from different places (for example, I have a couple of plushies I got from a trip to Dublin). Because I have friends in Japan, USA, Portugal and Denmark, I would like to keep a scrapbook of different postcards sent to me with the gifts.

4) In-game IV checker

With concerns of third-party IV checkers, we could have a feature similar to Let’s Go. We could have it within the appraisal, where the first line of text would be (for Valor): ‘Your Pokemon is 87%! It simply amazes me!’ This would be followed by its highest stats and its values: ‘Its attack is its strongest feature, at 15.’, and so on. We wouldn’t need the last line of each appraisal this way.

5) Allow us to receive gifts, XP and tasks from Pokestops when our bag is full

Lengthy point I know, but it would be nice. Seeing as though gifts don’t really contribute to space, so it would be nice to have the security of having a full bag and still getting something out of it. Perhaps the research tasks may allow us to use some of the items that is filling our bags, no?

6) Allow us to see if we can send someone a gift from the friends menu

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but my game slows down sometimes flicking through friends trying to find someone to send a gift to. We can’t see if the person has opened a gift or not from the menu, only when clicking on them. Removing the need to click on every one of your 200 friends helps eliminate time.

7) Increase the active Field Research quests limit

I’m sick of constantly deleting research tasks I would like to do purely because there isn’t space. It’s worse during Community Days or Research Days – especially Research Days. I would say 5 or 7 is a decent amount to keep active at one time – increase it to 5 as a base, and then 7 during Community and Research Days.

8) Using a power-up slider, showing the amount of candy and stardust it will cost, and the final CP

This is vital to saving time – if I were to power up a Groudon with over 100 candy, it would take me a long time, facts are facts. But if we had a slider, we could slide it across to our desired amount, and BOOM! Powered up massively in one fell swoop.

9) Shiny sprites on the overworld

This will save a lot of time shiny checking each and every Pokemon – so for example, if a Pidgey would show up shiny for you, its shiny sprite would show on the overworld instead of you having to select it to check for yourself. This is especially useful when you’re on the move (as a passenger, please do not play Pokemon Go and drive), or just want a quick glance. This is influenced by the Let’s Go games, where the shinies are visible on the overworld and surrounded by sparkles (the sparkles help for Pokemon that are not noticeable, such as Plusle).

10) Battle-Ready button for 1* and 2* raids

Nothing is more boring than sitting at a Magikarp raid waiting 2 minutes for the raid to start, while you can have a Battle Ready button to launch yourself straight into the raid. I mention this only for the 1* and 2* raids purely because it is something that may be abused for larger raids and cause toxicity – plus it’s handy to have the two-minute timer in case others want to enter the lobby, or if there are issues with counters (reviving, etc.). It’s a QoL update that has been called out for for a long time, so it would be nice to see it implemented.

11) Increase the amount of gifts you can keep in your inventory…

I personally feel that 10 gifts is too few to keep, especially for 200 friends. Increasing the maximum threshold to 20 (keeping in line with the daily limit for opening gifts) is ideal, and allows the player to keep more gifts to send to friends. This will work especially in a Pokestop-dense environment.

12) …while also increasing the amount of items gained from opening gifts

We had a great first few days of the Friendship system, where you could get 10 Ultra Balls from a gift. However, Niantic nerfed it, and some rejoiced because of filled bag space, while others (especially in less dense areas) cursed them out because sometimes it could be their only way of gaining items without paying for them. I personally tend to burn through items way quicker than I can gather them, and having so many items coming from gifts was especially beneficial considering the lack of Pokestops at the time.

13) Allow us to see how much Gym XP we have – in numbers

We all know that we gain 100XP when we place a Pokemon in a Gym, right? But what we don’t know is how much XP it takes to get from normal to bronze, from bronze to silver, and from silver to gold. I would like to see just how much XP we would need to go from one point to another, without irritating guesswork, or spamming berries onto a Gym to push for gold (guilty as charged).

14) Allow Ultra/Best Friends to trade remotely

We are able to battle with Ultra and Best Friends, so it would make sense if I were to be able to trade with one of my international friends remotely. For example, there could be a Trade option where I would select which Pokemon I wanted to trade, and for which Pokemon (for example, I would offer a Mr. Mime to trade, and select Relicanth as a Pokemon I would like in return). That person would accept or decline the trade terms, and if accepted, the trade would go ahead, and launch a pop-up alerting you of the trade.

Infinity) Release the rest of Gen 4 Pokemon?



Well that is pretty much it for now on what I’d like to see with Pokemon Go. If you have any other suggestions, let me know your thoughts! I chose the featured image based on the infinite point.

4 thoughts on “The Most Wanted Quality of Life Updates for Pokemon Go

  1. Tim

    The trading remotely with ultra/best friends would be wonderful. I’ve only had one lucky friend total so far and they’re in Spain. Needless to say, I’m not in a position to trade with them right now. While I do enjoy getting gifts from them (and others not local to me), the existence of the lucky friends function makes this my top want for the game.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I wouldn’t be mad even if the remote trading with just Lucky Friends was the function. I have three Luckys – one in Portugal, one in Scotland and a local that I haven’t had a chance to trade with yet. It would be nice to coordinate trades remotely.


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