This Has Never Happened Before… Earth Day Roundup and New Additions…

Earth Day is now in full effect. Thank you so much to everyone that attended an organised clean-up, and those that didn’t attend an organised clean-up, but cleaned nonetheless. We can keep this up! More than 14,800 people attended the clean-ups hosted by Niantic, along with Playmob.

Now our rewards for the Earth Day clean-up are as follows: 2x candy and stardust from catching Pokemon, and Ground-type Pokemon are more common in the wild. On top of that, Groudon returns to 5* raids in place of Giratina (Groudon can still be shiny), and shiny Kantonian Diglett is now available to find – my friend Helz found a shiny on her first encounter after the event started and she had no idea.

For a brief period, it seems that Shellos and Gastrodon were released into the wild too, but most reports claimed that they had vanished after a few minutes.

The Earth Day event will run until May 2nd, 1pm PDT.

Now the reason why Diglett is not in the featured image is quite simple – Niantic really threw a curveball at us last night. Instead of announcing the new Raid Bosses after Groudon, they decided to release the Lake Guardian Trio – Azelf (blue), Mesprit (pink) and Uxie (yellow), into the wild. Reports have been coming in about the trio being spotted near large bodies of water, and they are also reported to be regional – Azelf in the Americas and Greenland, Mesprit in Europe and Africa, and Uxie in Asia-Pacific. The base catch rate also appears to be 1%, although with Golden Razz Berries and Ultra Balls, you’re looking at around 7%, which also doesn’t take into account your Psychic medal. My word of advice – keep a lot of balls handy! It makes one of the hardest Legendaries to catch, as well as the only Legendaries that are spawning in the wild.

As for me, I’m able to catch Mesprit, being in Europe. However, in my town there are only two bodies of water – Bottesford Beck and Ashby Ville. On top of this, Bottesford Beck is no longer classified as a body of water in the game.

My main word of advice – just be careful around the water. I know it seems like common sense but I’d rather everyone play safe!

Edit: I also just hit Trainer Level 40×2 today! Now onto 60 million XP!

2 thoughts on “This Has Never Happened Before… Earth Day Roundup and New Additions…

  1. Tim

    I couldn’t care less about the Lake Trio being released as raids, though seeing them show up in the wild is pretty neat. That said, it seems like they’re just as rare (if not more so) than Unown, which makes sense for legendary Pokemon (even though I’m still salty I’ve never seend an Unown ever). I’m sad I missed Shellos’ accidental release, as that’s one of the few remaining unreleased Gen IV mons I’m excited to see. Hopefully they’ll come soon.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I feel like now that they’re in raids, it takes away from the excitement of them being in the wild. I went around the only possible spawn point for Mesprit we have in town, and even though I didn’t get one, I know that they’ll end up in raids, and later on Research Breakthrough boxes, so I’m not entirely rushing out to get one. As for the rest of Gen 4, I’m bored with what we have. Gastrodon is my favourite Ground-type, and being a European sleeping through an accidental release is awful to say the least.


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