Top 10 Wanted Ideas For Research Day

Let’s face it, since the mess-up with Feebas, Research Days have been great. This is owing to the great improvements made through the course of the time they have been released, such as better tasks and now a longer time period to be able to collect and complete the research. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one. For this list, I’m looking for mostly Pokemon with interesting gimmicks and fun ways to make the Research days different – for example, Clamperl was a new addition, while Lotad’s day also featured shiny Castform.

Without further ado, I’d like to bring forth the top 10 wanted ideas for Research Days.


10) Kangaskhan/Mr. Mime/Farfetch’d/Tauros

The regionals have sparked a flurry of debates over spoofing and affording the travel. Why not make it so that this sparks the start of phasing regionals out (as some come into the game, they replace the ones we have). This will eliminate the Mime Jr. problem that we have in Europe (Mime Jr. will only hatch from eggs, while Mr. Mime is European exclusive). I dislike Mr. Mime with a passion, so an excuse to shiny-hunt for one while also trying to find the elusive Mime Jr. in the eggs would be beneficial to us as players, for starting a regional migration. Heck, they made Solrock and Lunatone shinies. As most of the Regionals are Normal-type, an increase in Normal-type Pokemon can be distributed, while the rewards can be either of the four. On the opposite side, it could be yet another Kanto-centric event. Niantic loves those, so why not?

The reason why this is so low is because of the amount of Pokemon to consider, as well as possible backlash for releasing the regionals worldwide after the day is done. This sort of Research Day would require a large amount of Pokestops and a full day’s worth of playing (seriously though, I’m not complaining).

9) Spiritomb

For Halloween, I’d like to focus on one of only two non-Legendary Ghost-type Pokemon without a shiny at time of writing (the other is Shedinja). Spiritomb is currently locked behind a small Special Research line focusing on the number 108. I enjoyed doing this Research, but I would like to see more Research featuring Spiritomb and a shiny – mainly to farm Spiritomb candy. Spiritomb is a Pokemon overlooked by me because of its status in Pokemon Go, but I do love its lore and design, and its shiny is just as vivid as its original colouring. Boosted spawns would be the normal Halloween spawns, as per the usual events.

This entry is also lower down because it’s not a unique way of incorporating Spiritomb, and it’s not likely to be released in the wild afterwards, plus the Research Day spawns would essentially be normal Halloween event spawns, prioritising Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon.

8) Skarmory

Skarmory seems to be a lesser-seen Pokemon of late, so I’d like to see a re-emergence of the metal bird. It’s one I often forget about, so I’m hoping a shiny version would allow us to remember it. The spawn focus should be on Steel-type Pokemon, so we would see Pokemon such as Aron and Magnemite emerge more frequently.

7) Nosepass

This could be the event where Niantic finally releases Probopass. The same principle as Mamoswine could happen, where we are given ten guaranteed Sinnoh Stones from Training and PvP. Also, honestly, the shiny is pretty. The spawn focus could be on Rock-type Pokemon, maybe have some Electric and Steel mixed in (Probopass is part Steel-type, but evolves from Nosepass when in a magnetic field in the main series games).

6) Volbeat/Illumise

Volbeat and Illumise will have the long-awaited chance to change regions after the Research Day. Plus I really like shiny Illumise. The spawn focus would be on Bug-type Pokemon. Plus this would give the Bug typing more shinies – so far only the Scyther line, Caterpie line, Pineco line, Shuckle and Pinsir have shiny forms in the game.

5) Shellos

One of the few Gen 4 families not to have been released yet, Gastrodon, Shellos’ evolution, is one of my favourite Ground-type Pokemon. Seeing it not released yet is sad, and it would be nice to make up for it by releasing it for a Research Day.

Shellos has two forms – East Sea (blue and green) and West Sea (pink and white). East Sea could be distributed where Lunatone, Zangoose and Volbeat currently reside, whereas West Sea could be distributed where Solrock, Seviper and Illumise reside.

The spawn focus for this event would be Water and Ground-type Pokemon.

4) Ditto

How do you incorporate a shiny Ditto? Simple – remember when the Research rewards were a Pidgey that became a Ditto? We could apply the same formula for this Research. So if a shiny Pidgey shows up in the Research reward, the Ditto would also be shiny upon transforming. Research Day spawns would include (you guessed it, yet again) Gen 1 spawns.

3) Burmy

Burmy is one of the many Pokemon lines from Gen 4 that haven’t been released yet. Burmy has three forms – Plant Cloak, Sandy Cloak and Trash Cloak. The forms can be region dependant – for example, Americas, Europe/Africa and Asia Pacific would have their own Burmy form. It is worth noting that female Burmy evolves into Wormadam, while male Burmy evolves into Mothim, and the male/female ratio is 50/50. Wormadam will keep the cloaking, while Mothim would have no regional variation.

2) Kecleon

Kecleon is one of only two Pokemon left to be released from Gen 3 (the other being the Mythical Pokemon Jirachi). Kecleon’s gimmick is its Ability Colour Change, which allows Kecleon to change its type to the type of attack that its foe used on it. For this particular event, I would like to see previous Research Day Pokemon make an appearance (such as Feebas, Clamperl and Lotad).

1) Unown

An unpopular opinion, sure, the variation of letters and shiny forms would mean that people would grind hard for one shiny of each letter. And if they get duplicates, they can trade! Spawning Pokemon would most likely be Psychic-types or Gen 2 Pokemon to give some more variation. But its rarity is what puts it as my number 1 wanted ideas for Research Day. I did also speak about this idea to a couple of people, who agreed that it would be a good idea to implement.

Also as it is the Pokemon rumoured to be Arceus’ arms in the lore, it would be fitting to see this Research take place during a possible Arceus Special Research release.

Thanks for reading! I’d like to see what you guys would choose as your Research Day Pokemon! Do you agree with my list? If you don’t, I’d like to get your opinions on the matter!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Wanted Ideas For Research Day

  1. Tim

    I’ve still never seen an Unown in the wild, so I’d love a special research day for it. That said, I feel like we’d get Ditto well before then.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I feel that they’ll hold off on an Unown day because of the amount of real-world events they can sneak it in currently. I’ve only seen a handful during the Safari event we had in 2017, but none before or after that. But it’s something we can wish for I guess!

      Liked by 1 person

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