My Thoughts On The Surprise Legendary Hour

The easternmost players got a nice surprise at 6pm on April 19th. The event acted like the Legendary Lunch Hours – every eligible Gym that didn’t have a raid on it spawned an egg with a Legendary Raid. Most raids were Latios, with a few spawning Giratina.

Earlier in the day, I’d been dragged out to do some raids. They were all spawning Latios at this point. The first one at RAOB, I caught on the penultimate ball. I was glad for this, because it turned out to be a perfect IV Latios – the first perfect Legendary I ever got. None of the three were shiny though. But the afternoon set the tone for the evening. And it helps that on the way back home I got a shiny Buneary, at long last!

So the order in which we did the raids were as follows:

Harry’s Sports Bar > Ashby Community Centre > Ashby Post Office > New Jubilee Park > The Lincoln Imp > Old Shop Scales outside Cram Vape.

Another Gym we bypassed, because an already-running Raid was on there, and it had finished by the time we finished at the Community Centre. So all in all, eight of us did six raids – another turned up for New Jubilee Park.

Also, on the way to Harry’s Sports Bar, I’d hatched a second shiny Elekid. Which was promptly requested by my friend Sp00ferkiller, in exchange for an Unown D.

Out of the six raids that we did altogether, only two Latios were shiny. I had to walk half an hour from the Scales to my house, because we had carpooled the entire journey, and I really didn’t want to be stood around listening to two blokes talk about steelworks coke ovens (seriously in Scunthrpe, once someone starts a conversation about the steelworks, it never stops).

So my thoughts on the evening: the shiny rate could have done to have a slight boost, and there needed to be an announcement for this kind of thing (Australia/New Zealand could definitely have benefitted). But overall, I feel that it was a success. I definitely had a lot of fun, and I know the rest of the group did too. And to add on that it featured a Pokemon with a shiny chance, it proved to be more worthwhile than the past Legendary Lunch Hours.

When Legendary Pokemon are distributed with a shiny released, I would like to see them gain a Legendary Hour like this in the future. It also helped that the weather was hitting 20 degrees Celsius here in the UK.

And I’m less than 700,000 XP away from Level 40×2!

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The Surprise Legendary Hour

  1. Tim

    Congrats on getting close to level 40×2! That’s a pretty exciting achievement.

    I love the idea of having a raid lunch hour type event. That said, I really dislike the current legendary lunch hour format. As someone who primarily raids solo (and who works far away from my normal raiding group), I can never participate in such events — even yesterday’s. I’d love to see Niantic do an event with all one-star raids, all two-star, and so forth, working their way up over subsequent weeks.


    1. poketravellerlola

      That would be a great idea. I also primarily raid solo, and I would like to see raiding events like you suggested, just to give it a bit more variety. This Legendary Hour I could do because I had no other obligations and we had a good amount of interest, which is something that normally doesn’t happen during the normal Lunch Hours.

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