TBT #3 – A Time I Was On Crutches

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Date: 16th February/23rd February

This is yet another recent throwback, but I felt like I wanted to share this one because it’s still so very fresh in my mind.

Two days before the Swinub Community Day, I fell and severely sprained my foot. Basically what happened, is that my foot bent in on itself on my way to a meeting, and I’d fallen pretty hard – my foot hurt, slight chip in my tooth, cut my mouth somehow, scraped my knees and hurt my left arm. I was close to passing out for about ten minutes, worried I would be late to my meeting. And I still made the meeting, I was just very out of it. I made it home safely and laid in bed and binged on anime for the rest of the day, while in constant pain. The next day it had swollen up even more, so I made the decision to visit the A&E department late Friday night. It wasn’t fractured or broken (just some soft tissue damage), but I was in a boot and on crutches for just over two weeks.

It was about 2am by the time I got back home from A&E, so there was no chance I was going to go to Lincoln like I had planned (to get there in time for Community Day, I would have had to wake up at 5am to get ready and get the bus by 7am). Instead, I had no choice but to stay at home (except head to the high street to run some light errands).

So I went out for a little while – using the crutches and the phone was impossible, and infuriating. And I’d caught no shiny Swinubs during that time. I did bump into some friends who wanted to take me to the local park, but my phone was dying, my chargers were dead and I had zero energy, motivation or pain tolerance to be able to manage it, so I sadly had no choice but to decline, and headed back home, where I’d lured up the stop outside my house, used Incense and revelled in the new spawn points for the day while my phone charged. Despite everything, I came out with four shinies, which was a great thing, and still wasn’t the worst Community Day either. That would come in April…but I’ve already talked about that.

The next week, for Clamperl Day, I was still on crutches, but I was able to hobble around and complete some tasks. I was apprehensive about this one due to how badly the Feebas Day was (tedious tasks, 19 finished, no shinies). But I ploughed on. Just a quick note that as we were the first for it to go live (Europe, hello!) we had no confirmation of whether or not shinies would be making an appearance. I started the adventure down at Sunshine Hall in Ashby (also used as my local election booth), and followed the path of Pokestops towards Ashby High Street. I stood outside Ashby Wesleyan Methodist Church (a Pokestop), as I’d just collected one of the Research tasks. I will literally almost word-for-word give you my reaction to the first Clamperl:

‘Okay, first Clamperl. Now okay, that’s a funny colour…I didn’t hear anything about-’ *sees sparkles* ‘HOLY SHIT I DIDN’T REALISE THE SHINIES WERE OUT I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!’ So yes, I got the shiny Clamperl on my first Research encounter. Like Feebas Day, the shinies were completely random on the Pokestops, so it was a matter of trying.

I had to get a bus to Central Park, where I was able to try some more Pokestops for the shiny chances (I had got three shinies by this point), and I’d bumped into a friend, where for my sake, we decided to have cake at The Pods, which if you don’t know, is a leisure centre in Scunthorpe, which has a cafe (and gorgeous cake). We’d already organised a group to do the Latias raid that had appeared at a nearby Gym (no shiny Latias for me), and we carried on exploring the park, and neither of us got any more shinies. Tired, I decided to go home.

The last two Research encounters I needed to do in Ashby (I’d left them earlier in because they were battling in a Gym), and I got two more shinies!

Lastly, I am pretty certain the Pokemon Clamperl evolves into is entirely based on your account. Lots of people only get either Huntail or Gorebyss, and some are lucky and get both. After four evolutions, still four Gorebyss, and I only just got a Pokedex entry Huntail traded to me on Saturday during Community Day (she wanted my spare shiny Togepi).

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