Community Used Outrage – Bagon Community Day #16

As you might have gathered from the title, not only was Salamence using Outrage today, the entire community was too. As usual, during Asia-Pacific’s Community Day, they had encountered a multitude of server issues – this ranged from not being able to get into the game, large waiting gaps to check Pokemon, no friends list or Adventure Sync. The worst of it was when Niantic announced an extension to the event before they had fixed the issue.

The time change was a large factor in this. Now that Community Day runs from 3pm until 6pm, the issue becomes clear in the Southern Hemisphere, where by the time the extended hours were in place, it was already pitch black out and in some cases unsafe to play outside. Bagon stopped spawning early too during these extended hours. They were also not given the usual extra hour afterwards for the Outrage move to still be available.

Even some of us here in the UK encountered issues. Two hours before the Community Day started, I found myself unable to get into the game for five minutes until it finally loaded for me. And annoyingly enough, this same issue presented itself during the event. However, I’d saved myself a trip to another town because otherwise I would not have been able to get home (Scunthorpe buses mostly stop running after 6pm).

So I stayed in Scunthorpe during the Community Day. My initial plan was to start in town, and work my way up to Central Park, and then through Ashby and home. I wanted to walk this distance. But before the event, I already started feeling crummy because of my leg, so I took a bus to Central Park, where I met some friends just before the event. We’d managed to do a few raids today (no shinies in the raid though, boo), but we had a lot of fun. Admittedly I wasn’t feeling the best, my foot still hurt a lot (still need to storytime that in next week’s Throwback Thursday). So after a good amount of breaks, I felt it was best to head back home on bus. While I was out and about I did get four shinies though.

And obviously, to standard, I kept a lure on outside my house and an incense on. So altogether, I managed seven shinies. I’ve evolved two of them, one is to go to my friend Steve once we hit Lucky Friends.

3 thoughts on “Community Used Outrage – Bagon Community Day #16

  1. Tim

    I’m always confused how Niantic has repeated issues every community day. You’d think they’d have it sorted out by now, considering they’re getting close to 20 of them done.

    On an unrelated note, this Community Day inspired me to write my own Pokemon Go post (the first I’ve done in a while). I’ll come out tomorrow (Monday the 15th) if you’re interested.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I’m astounded how there are still issues after so long, I’m worried about the Go Fest run this year if this Community Day is anything to go by. On the unrelated note, yeah I’ll look forward to your post!

      Liked by 1 person

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