TBT #2 – Crazy Birthday

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Date: 10th February 2019

This is a fairly recent throwback, but obviously it was still during the hiatus. Every year, for my birthday, I like to make a trip somewhere so that I’m not stuck at home. My birthday is also in the middle of winter, making it hard to do nice things.

So me and Connor planned on having a quick breakfast at McDonalds, and while we were there, we found a Shinx raid. Bearing in mind this is probably the first Shinx raid I’d seen since November, and it was the first Shinx that Connor had seen. So obviously we decided to do the raid.

Sadly I didn’t manage to get the shiny during that raid. Connor, on the other hand, on his first ever Shinx raid, got the shiny. If you don’t know, Luxray is my all-time favourite Pokemon, so you could imagine how salty I was in that moment! I think he must really love me, though, because he was more than happy to trade it to me as a birthday present. With us having just reached Best Friends (he doesn’t play often), and with the trading event reducing the Stardust cost (he doesn’t have much Stardust either), I was more than happy to part ways with a shiny Dratini that I had saved for him (while we were both taking part in that Community Day, he didn’t get any shinies).

As it was a Sunday, there wasn’t a whole lot to do besides having a leisurely walk around the city. Nottingham is one of my favourite cities, so I always like to return and often discover something new. This time, we had arrived in time for the annual Light Night, featuring a big wheel.

After a quick succession of two raids near the INTU Victoria (Palkia and Exeggutor), a Mawile raid had popped up at the same Clock Tower Gym that Connor got the shiny Shinx from. At this time I was blowing Raid Passes like there was no tomorrow, I had so many saved up. Just at the McDonalds outside the Clock Tower, despite the numerous boosted Pokemon due to the Lunar event, I managed to get a THIRD shiny Shellder. I could not believe my luck! I love the colouring of shiny Shellder, even when I have multiple of them.

Where was I…ah yes, the Mawile raid. And I absolutely kid you not, after many Mawile raids, a shiny finally pops up for me, in the same Gym where Connor got his shiny.

Indeed, it was a very happy shiny birthday, especially when I went on the big wheel that I mentioned earlier.

One place I do recommend is the Lost City Adventure Golf, at the Corner House. There are two courses, 18 holes each, including the target hole (for this, you hit it in the centre hole to win a token to redeem a free game). So I ended up winning that token by pure fluke, and we had some great drinks afterwards in the Tiki Bar (we recommend the Jules Verne, if you like citrus flavours).

It was an amazing birthday, for sure. It’s strange to think that a week later, I would be spending the upcoming Swinub Community Day in bed, but that’s a story for another flashback.

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