Please Help My Feet In This Difficult Time – Lotad Research Day #3

Before I start, a quick shout out to Tim, who has been with the blog since the hiatus last year. His comments before I started back up made my day.

Right, I’m writing this as I’m resting my feet after a long five hours of walking from my house to Scunthorpe high street and hopped on a bus towards my boyfriend’s house. Since I was in Portugal, more Pokestops and Gyms started popping up in the town, and even more have been since I got back. So this time last year, a Research Day would have meant a trip into either Lincoln or Hull. This is my second Research Day in Scunthorpe, and the first since I’ve been on crutches.

I live towards Ashby high street, and the time frame of the day (11am until 8pm) made it a lot easier and a lot less stressful to get around, considered the arrangement of the Pokestops. So I went from Ashby into the Scunthorpe centre, which usually takes approximately an hour to walk, but because I took a lot of diversions and battled some raids, it may have been two or three hours until I finally got there!

So to sum up Scunthorpe, there are three main areas of interest for Research Days – Ashby, with 9 Pokestops along the stretch of the high street up towards the Community Centre. Also of note is Central Park – while this is not as Pokestop dense (6 Pokestops altogether), there are three EX-raid eligible Gyms if you can raid on one. Scunthorpe high street has blossomed since last year. Now, not including Frodingham Road or Doncaster Road, there are 15 Pokestops and a multitude of Gyms. Frodingham Road has two stops of its own, and Doncaster Road features another two stops. So there are plenty of opportunities for Research tasks, and possible shinies.

However, altogether I ended up with 7 shiny Castform (one of which I traded), and 3 shiny Lotad (one of which I was traded). I traded one for another with a friend because at the time, I had no shiny Lotad, while she had no shiny Castform, to ensure that we both had one of each shiny at least.

Just a quick note though, that I did leave one of the Research tasks completed and ready to claim, because tomorrow is my Research Breakthrough Box day, and it’ll be nice to hopefully end on a shiny Lugia!

Edit: the Research Breakthrough Box contained Registeel. RIP.

2 thoughts on “Please Help My Feet In This Difficult Time – Lotad Research Day #3

  1. Tim

    I ended up with two shiny Castform, but no shiny Lotad. I have one task unclaimed at this point, so I’m hoping it has a shiny Lotad in it. I wished the other forms had shiny versions, as I feel like a dark cloud version of the cloudy form would be pretty awesome.

    Also, thank so much for the shout out. Feel free to swing by my blog and peruse the Pokemon content (or whatever) any time.


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