The Most Bizarre Community Day Ever? – Community Day #15

I’ll go out on an unpopular opinion – I don’t care much for Treecko. Sure, I love its evolutions, but Treecko doesn’t speak to me like most of the other starters do. However, I fully embraced it, by spending a night in Hull (thank you IHG Rewards Club). Because I accumulated points to spend, I used them on a non-sponsored Rewards Night, so all I needed to worry about was food and travel.

Well, on the way there I hatched my fourth shiny Togepi. Yes, since I went onto hiatus, I hatched four shiny Togepi. But that’s a story for another post, really.

We decided on an overnight stay because of the new time (3-6pm), so we started our shiny hunt down at the Amy Johnson statue, which is a gym just outside the Prospect Centre. From there, we made our way into the city centre and looped around Whitefriargate and to the park where the local BBC studio is located. In that loop around, we found two shines each, but Connor had to stop playing because his phone needs repairing and the battery runs down super-quick playing this game (we were 45 minutes in at this point).

Our favourite spot to hunt for shinies is around Princes Quay, Posterngate and outside the Hull Minster C of E church. This is where I caught the most amount of shinies, including numbers 8 and 9 back-to-back. Due to the 4x egg distance reduction (further reduced by Super Incubators), I was also able to hatch two more shinies – Budew and Cleffa.

An hour and a half in, and 9 shiny Treecko caught, we decided to have a cheeky Nando’s inside Princes Quay. I still ended up drifting over to Posterngate, where I was mostly shiny checking instead of catching at this point.

Overall I feel my shiny luck was disgustingly good on this day. 13 shiny Treecko, plus three different shiny hatches (two of which were new). Both Togepi and Budew will be going to new homes (I already have shiny Roserade, so Budew was a shiny Dex filler).

Oh and the day after, I got myself a 100% IV Spinda, just to put the cherry on top.

One thought on “The Most Bizarre Community Day Ever? – Community Day #15

  1. Tim

    I missed this community day, though I did get to open the game long enough to start some eggs with the reduced distance. Didn’t get anything good from it. That said, I don’t feel bad missing it. Treecko is the first Community Day I haven’t cared about since Charmander. Glad you had some serious shiny luck.


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