A Hiatus

Hey guys. I’m taking a brief hiatus so I can sort things out before I move to Lisbon. I will be posting about July’s Community Day (which is confirmed to be Squirtle), and I will be spending it in Scunthorpe!

See ya!

3 thoughts on “A Hiatus

  1. AbsentElemental

    Best of luck to you. I’m happy to have found another blogger who talks Pokemon/Pokemon Go on their blog (though you seem to talk about it MUCH more than me). That said, I’m sad to have found you while you’re on a hiatus. Hoping to see more from you when you return.


    1. poketravellerlola

      Thanks Tim! If you’re still around, I’m slowly coming out of hiatus right now – actually just about to do a write-up for the most recent Community Day!


  2. Tim

    I am still around actually! I subscribed as soon as I saw a Pokemon Go blogger. I look forward to your Community Day write up (particularly since this was the first Community Day I had to miss completely).


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