The Easiest Community Day Ever? – POKEMON GO COMMUNITY DAY #6

For June’s Community Day, I elected to visit Lincoln for it. Normally I’d been to Hull or Cleethorpes, and while Hull has been consistently good, Cleethorpes last time was lacking. So I decided a trip to Lincoln would be worthwhile for the day.

Today’s Community Day Pokemon was Larvitar. This meant that it would be more common than others, and a chance of a shiny encounter. We also had three-hour lures, 3x catch XP and the exclusive move Smack Down if evolving to a Tyranitar.

It was admittedly shaping up to be a poor day, weather-wise. However, the Water event and the subsequent rainy weather did not stop the Larvitar from popping up, it seems. Altogether now, I have caught 141 Larvitar (none fled during Community Day), and that includes FOUR shinies – three of which around the University of Lincoln’s main campus.

That brings me onto another point that I wanted to make. Over the course of the day (and it is continuing even as I write this) that the catch rate for Pokemon has been dramatically increased (raid Pokemon aside). Normally for Community Day, I would have been spamming Ultra Balls. However, today, I was able to catch a lot of Larvitar with just Poke Balls. Whether or not this was a bug within the system, or whether it was intentional, in order for us to gain a lot of XP (6x XP with a Lucky Egg), it’s up for Niantic to let us know. Either way, I think this made for the easiest Community Day ever in terms of being able to catch Pokemon.

Overall, I feel that this Community Day in Lincoln was even more successful than in Hull. In Hull, it’s better to stick around near Prices Quay, whereas in Lincoln, we did a lot more walking, specifically making laps around the Brayford and the High Street. The obvious meeting place is at the Central War Memorial next to the High Bridge. This is where a lot of people meet up before making their own way throughout the event.

Next month, July, is assumed to be a Squirtle Community Day, following the established pattern. For that day, I will be spending it in my hometown, Scunthorpe. This is because I plan to go to Nottingham a few days beforehand, and it would be nice to be around the local community before I leave for Lisbon!

So, stay safe and happy hunting!

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