The Problem With EX Raids – And The Solution

I mentioned a few weeks ago just how mundane EX raids are becoming. Now that an ever-decreasing amount of people still don’t have a Mewtwo, it’s clear that the EX raid hype has stagnated. A lot.

Yesterday’s EX raid that I attended only brought together 15 people at most. Normally, we would have at least 30 people. It is normally enough for two groups of people. But we were discussing how EX raids have become boring to most people, if there are so few attending. We do have one guy in our community that has had over 10 passes.

One idea I do have, which will be quite popular for the short-term, is the release of shiny Mewtwo. A shiny Mewtwo will have the same base catch rate as shiny Lugia and Ho-Oh – 100%. It’s also an amazing memento. Everyone would be out hunting for their shiny Mewtwo, thus increasing the amount of people triggering or attending EX raids. Releasing the shiny legendary has worked for the two birds mentioned, as people have attended in droves to catch them (for comparison, more people attended the later Ho-Oh raid than the Mewtwo EX raid).

My friend Steve agrees that shiny Mewtwo would be a great addition, as would Deoxys soon. Deoxys was classed as a Mythical Pokemon, however it was featured in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’s Delta Episode, so it was made catchable. I also agree that Deoxys would be a perfect addition to the EX raid roster, and relegating Mewtwo to a special research storyline would benefit those who have not yet been able to get Mewtwo yet.

The only gripe would be implementing each Deoxys form. As we know, Deoxys has four forms – Normal, Attack, Speed and Defense. Obviously, we do not yet have a speed stat in Pokemon Go. I guess that it would be a case similar to Tyrogue – we would fight the Normal form in the battle, and then we will see what form we get when we come to the capture screen. It would be an indicator as to the appraisal. For example:

  • Normal = some or all stats equal
  • Attack = higher attack stat
  • Defense = higher defense stat
  • Speed = higher HP stat

This would work similar to Tyrogue’s evolution line in Pokemon Go.

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