Huge Blog News: Leaving The Country

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time, and just three weeks ago, I was emailed about an opportunity in Lisbon, Portugal. I inquired about it, and I decided to apply for it, to see what would happen. Yesterday, I was given the news that I got the job.

Around July 27th, I will be leaving the UK and living in Portugal instead. This will change my content a lot, and I feel that it’ll give me a new opportunity for travelling. It’ll allow me to explore new areas and integrate myself with a new Pokemon Go community. It’ll mean that I will miss everyone in the Scunthorpe PoGo community, but it’s a new adventure for me. I won’t go into details about my full-time work or anything like that, but in my spare time I’ll expect to do quite a lot and see new things. It’s something I’m really excited for, but also nervous at the same time. I’ve never spent longer than a few days abroad at a time (due to lack of money), but I feel that living abroad will give me that experience that I’ve been looking for.

24 hours later, the news still hasn’t sunk in. I think it won’t do until I have everything that I need prepared for it.

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