We’re Going On An Adventure! – Adventure Week TODAY!

As I’m typing this, the new event will start FIVE hours from now! It’s the highly-anticipated Adventure Week return, starting May 24th at 1pm PDT (9pm in the UK). However, because of the new features, it will be slightly different. Although I do prefer this year’s promotional art to last year’s – it’s just a lot more colourful, and it reminds me of the adventures I’d love to go on more.

Raid Battles will feature Pokemon such as Aerodactyl, and I predict Omastar and Kabutops will return as bosses. Unique Field Research will be available (this was seen previously in a leak, featuring ‘Catch x amount of Kabuto or Omanyte). Buddy Pokemon will earn candy 4x faster throughout the event, plus extra XP for spinning Pokestops or Gyms (and if they’re new, up to 10 times the amount of XP is given) – holy Miltank!

On top of that, we need to discover what our shiny Pokemon will be for this event. I really would love Omanyte and Kabuto to have shiny forms at last, although I wouldn’t mind shiny Anorith and Lileep in the slightest (ooooh shiny Anorith).

This Adventure Week will end on June 5th, so definitely more than a week, I’d say!

Adventure Week last year was one of my all-time favourite events for so many reasons. It was the highlight of my first trip to Nottingham, and I had finally completed my Kanto regional Pokedex with a wild Aerodactyl encounter, which I ran for. I was able to finally add the likes of Pupitar and Steelix to my Pokedex, and I had so much fun with it. We had also been given an adventurer’s hat, reminiscent of Indiana Jones.

Sadly I will be staying in Scunthorpe for this event, but I might see about a nice Lincoln day trip next week. I do go to Lincoln a lot, but as you’ll see in an upcoming entry, it is like a second home to me.

Stay safe, and happy hunting!

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