Alola, Alola! Alolan Forms of Kanto Pokemon To Arrive Soon

I was wondering how they would implement the Alolan variants of the Kanto Pokemon. But it seems that Niantic has been one step ahead. The unique variants of these Pokemon were first seen in Pokemon Sun and Moon in the Alola region, and they have been confirmed to appear in the game in the coming weeks. I’m so excited, and it was a breath of fresh air for me back when those games were first released. And I am so happy that they’re coming now!

The full list of Alola Pokemon are as follows:

  • Rattata – Dark/Normal
  • Raticate – Dark/Normal
  • Raichu – Electric/Psychic
  • Sandshrew – Ice/Steel
  • Sandslash – Ice/Steel
  • Vulpix – Ice
  • Ninetales – Ice/Fairy
  • Diglett – Ground/Steel
  • Dugtrio – Ground/Steel
  • Meowth – Dark
  • Persian – Dark
  • Geodude – Rock/Electric
  • Graveler – Rock/Electric
  • Golem – Rock/Electric
  • Grimer – Poison/Dark
  • Muk – Poison/Dark
  • Exeggutor – Grass/Dragon
  • Marowak – Fire/Ghost

I’m looking forward to Raichu the most, because I much prefer Alolan Raichu over Kantonian. I also expect that one group of these Pokemon will have their shiny variant released as well (Raichu aside, of course). My bets are on Vulpix or perhaps Exeggutor – I do love the shiny variant.

Well, until we have further information, happy hunting!

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