Today was the day I did something unique on a Pokemon Go Community Day. For the first time in Community Day history, I spent the time with my mother. She’d recently had a heart attack and we don’t get to spend a lot of one-on-one time with each other. Today was the perfect day for that. Also, I failed to see a shiny Charmander. However, my mother caught her own shiny.

However, before I discuss today’s Community Day, it came to my attention this morning that Charmander and its family weren’t the only shinies being released today. Ho-Oh has made a reappearance in raid battles until June 7th. Latios and Latias will also remain raid bosses, but Ho-Oh now has a chance of appearing as a shiny, just like Lugia. Now I want to throw in my two cents. I would rather have Ho-Oh as a raid boss on its own like Lugia, than have it compete with other legendaries. This will mean that Latios and Latias will take priority over Ho-Oh when being selected to appear at certain times (we saw this before when Lugia was released with the legendary birds, and we saw this when Ho-Oh first started appearing alongside the legendary beasts).

Now onto today’s Community Day. I chose Cleethorpes as the location for my trip, and I had success there with the Dratini Community Day back in February. We were treated to triple stardust on catches, three-hour lures and research tasks that focused on catching Charmander. Any Charmeleon that was evolved during the three-hour window would become a Charizard with Blast Burn. We were also treated to the sunny weather boost. However, due to this boost, you may have been forgiven for assuming that it had become a Cacnea Community Day, as there were a lot more Cacnea spawns than Charmander. But somehow, the spawns tended to even themselves out more towards Ross Castle, a densely populated cluster and very popular for Cleethorpes Pokemon Go players (the nearby Strike Wing Memorial is also an EX Raid eligible Gym).

I say this as someone who failed to see a shiny Charmander today: it’s called Community Day, not Shiny Day. The goal of the day is to integrate with the community. I noticed that a lot of people don’t do this, and they walk around in their normal groups – I do this. But I find it more fulfilling to spend time with someone and have fun just casually playing the game, than I do obsessively hunting for shinies. It’s always these times when something doesn’t go exactly to plan that I stop and think of ways that it is so good. It was also fulfilling watching my mum, who is a very casual player, filling entries into her Pokedex as she went and caught new things.

The advice for next time in Cleethorpes is to not really bother so much around the boating lake, as it was pretty dead when we went there. The main spot is down towards Ross Castle and the amusements.

So I sign off with this – don’t worry about how many shinies you do or don’t have, and don’t worry about what everyone else has. You’ll get your shiny eventually.


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