Niantic Accidentally Released Lugia Again…

So at the end of the Fighting event (of which I only got one shiny Meditite), Niantic shifted the raid bosses to remove the Fighting type bosses. But something went wrong…

In fact, instead of reverting them back to pre-event bosses, Niantic flipped the wrong switch and brought back Lugia, for a short period of time. This raid rotation led to Lugia replacing Latios and Latias in raids, however it was shown to be a mistake, as it was reverted in the end.

In the UK, events start and end at 9pm BST or GMT. Because raids had ended by then, we didn’t see any Lugia raids pop up, but it’s quite an interesting development nonetheless.

It’s something inconsequential, but it means that how we see raids distributed and changed is now different. It now confirms that Niantic groups Pokemon to change over when they release new events or new legendary Pokemon, and that the legacy groups are archived, so does this mean more legendaries will return, or will they be kept in the research breakthrough boxes?


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