Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2018 Announcement! Plus Community Day News!

Hey guys! As it was last summer, we have been given news about Pokemon Go’s Summer Tour for 2018.

In Dortmund, Germany, there will be a Safari Zone event, from June 30th until July 1st in Westfalenpark. The event is open to all. There will be updated information on the following website: https://pokemongolive.com/events/safarizone/dortmund/. There will also be a Safari Zone event in Yokosuka, Japan later in the summer.

And for the big news. From July 14th to July 15th, Pokemon Go Fest is to return to Chicago for Pokemon Go Fest 2018: A Walk In The Park. This time, the event will be held in Lincoln Park, featuring a 1.8-mile walking course that includes exclusive activities. Single-day passes go on sale on May 11th for $20 on the event website.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to any of the events, as The Pokemon Go team have announced that we across the globe will be able to engage in activities and challenges in order to take part in these events.

As for Community Day, we all know that Charmander is the featured Pokemon for May 19th (I will be in Cleethorpes for that day). But we have confirmation that on Saturday June 16th and Sunday July 8th, there will be more Community Days, however the starring Pokemon are not yet revealed (although I feel that July’s Community Day Pokemon will be Squirtle, to finish off the set of Kanto starters).

Obviously, I will inform you readers of what events there are to come, whether that be in-game or in real life.

Happy hunting!


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