I Just Came Here To Fight – Fighting Event in Pokemon Go!

Step into the arena and prepare to fight! Fighting type Pokemon will be appearing more frequently in the wild starting May 1st at 1pm PDT (9pm UK time). This includes Machop, Makuhita and Medicham.

Along with the increased spawns, we will also see double XP for gym battles and raids. What’s more, raids will award a whopping 3,000 stardust for participating, and at least one Rare Candy. We will also see a 2x Gym badge multiplier, which results in even more benefits from Gyms often frequented. We will also see more items gained from spinning Gyms.

Niantic call this their ‘Special Battle Showdown’, and it really is. The emphasis is on Fighting types and the use of Gyms. This coincides with my very special limited trip to a certain British city, packed full with culture, and I will only be able to visit for a few hours… (details in the Locations tab).

One more piece of hype – following the trend of past events, we will most likely see a shiny variant of one of these Fighting types. The most likely of the contenders, I feel, are Machop and Makuhita, as they are the ones mentioned in the official art – however, both Tyrogue and Hitmonchan are shown in the promotional art.

My thoughts? Well, I was actually hoping for an intertwining Fighting and Psychic event, as ‘Mind over Matter’, but I think Psychic and Dark would work better as a duet event (Psychic during day, Dark during night). However, I love the premise of the new event, and it’s great to keep things fresh, as we’ve just ended an event already. Fighting types are a large part of the meta at the moment, due to the tanky Normal types that usually occupy Gyms, and it encourages people to use Gyms and participate in raid battles more.

The title of the post is inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant The Vixen. She really did just come to fight…

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