Why I’ve Been Absent…

Hey everyone! Despite all the Pokemon Go news and content, I’ve been noticeably absent this past week. I’ve had a lot of home issues to worry about, but now that everything’s sorted, let’s get on with the updates:

  • My mum had a mini heart attack on the Monday and had to go to hospital.
  • My step-dad had a seizure and dislocated his shoulder on Wednesday, and also had to go to hospital.
  • I’ve had to help out where I could, so I didn’t even do any raids for three days!
  • Despite the few locations it took place in, Earth Day was a success, so we now have increased Water, Ground and Grass type spawns, and they give triple stardust!
  • Wailmer and Wailord are shiny now.
  • Research breakthrough is…still Moltres.
  • I finally got a shiny Murkrow!
  • There have been reports of new nests discovered!

I promise that I will be back with more updates soon, I’ve just had to take some time to get things sorted.

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