Here It Is: May’s Community Day – Charmander!

We have officially had confirmation, through our trusted sources (as in Niantic) that Chramander is the next Pokemon to feature in our beloved Community Day. Community Day will take place on Saturday, 19th May.

This will make three out of four Kanto starter Pokemon to receive shiny forms (yes, we do count Pikachu). In this current pattern, we should expect Squirtle Community Day in July. Does this sound good to you guys?

As we all know, Charmander is one of the four Kanto starters, the Fire type. Its final evolution, Charizard, gains a Flying type along with its Fire type. In Gen 6, Charizard gains two Mega-Evolutions – Mega X, which changes its Flying type to Dragon, and Mega Y, which keeps its Fire/Flying typing. It is one of only two Pokemon that gains two Mega-Evolutions, the other being Mewtwo.

Following the trend of past Community Days, Charmander will be out in full force, and the Charmeleon that will evolve into Charizard will learn an exclusive move that cannot be TM’d outside of the three-hour window.

The bonus that we get for the event is triple stardust on all catches, just like February’s event. As usual, we also get three-hour lure activation. It’s good news for stardust grinders!

My thoughts: I like this. I did actually fancy Omanyte for this month, but I’ll take my first ever starter!

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