Do Pokemon Trainers Dream Of Electric Sheep? POKEMON GO COMMUNITY DAY #4!

I’ve had the title of this post in my head for such a long time, and now I finally get to use it! Happy Community Day, and over here in Europe, we’ve long finished our three-hour window of Mareep herding, so we’ll go over what occurred throughout:

We already knew that Mareep and its evolution line would be guaranteed shinies, following the trend of the previous two events, where shiny forms were introduced (I don’t include Pikachu because it already had the shiny variant). We also knew that Ampharos would gain the exclusive move Dragon Pulse. We also got quartered egg distance, and the usual three hour lures (however, with the Kanto event giving us six hour lures, the six hours overruled the three hours).

The plans were pretty much last minute, if I’m honest, because with the Community Day taking place on a Sunday, there isn’t much in the way of public transport to take us anywhere in time. However, we settled on going to Hull in the end, as it was the only adequate option.

We arrived at the Interchange 30 minutes into the event, which wasn’t so bad considering I was able to grind Mareep on the bus through the city, and I caught my first shiny of the day on it as well. We generally kept to the Princes Quay and Holy Trinity Church areas, as they were the most dense in terms of Pokestops and therefore spawns (we’d also found a wild Rapidash and Lapras down there, proving the area’s worth). We loved the area last month during Bulbasaur’s Community Day, and lightning did strike the same place twice.

In short, the best places to visit in Hull during Community Day are Princes Quay and Holy Trinity Church, due to its density. This was probably why I didn’t take advantage of the quartered egg distance.

The running quests that you would get from each Pokestop was ‘Catch 3 Mareep’, which would earn you a lot of different rewards and a chance to increase your research badge level. Since the new research feature was introduced, this is a new staple of the Community Day, and I expect it to carry on throughout the months, featuring the featured Pokemon.

My ending thoughts on this Community Day is that, even though I still haven’t taken part in any meet-ups or gatherings, I’ve enjoyed walking around a city at my own pace (and the pace of my boyfriend’s), occasionally talking with other players about our findings. I’ve been enjoying each Community Day so far, but I do wish that they were on Saturdays instead, so we have more of an option as to where to go. For now, June’s Community Day will take place in Nottingham to coincide with my week-long grind session. May’s, on the other hand, is most likely going to be Hull again, unless circumstances change.

That’s it from me for today – happy hunting!

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