The Reason Why I Didn’t Want To Hype Kanto Shinies…

Hey guys. As you can gather, we’ve had a very slow rollout of the Kanto event last night. We got a large increase of Kanto spawns, to the point where they have, for the most part, taken over the spawn points. We have a good variety of spawns, such as Ponyta, Doduo, Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle appearing at my doorstep. FYI, that never happens in a normal day for me.

But we did have a late rollout of raid bosses which follow the theme, and everyone was wondering where they were. We now have the raid bosses we were expecting.

We were also led to believe that shinies would be introduced into the game, but honestly, I had my doubts. The doubts were linked to the fact that only certain shinies in certain families were ‘confirmed’. So when people were disappointed about the shinies not being introduced, I wasn’t, because I wasn’t expecting a whole lot.

We do get 6 hour lures, so that helps draw more Kanto Pokemon towards us, at least. And I won’t go into much detail, but the Ultra Box looks amazing, and I want in on that!

On the whole, this event is brilliant for those who need their Kanto medals, especially those who have just come back to the game or are just starting.

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