Unpopular Opinion – The Problem With EX Raids

EX raids have been the bane of every Pokemon Go player’s existence since their introduction. It is the only way to obtain Mewtwo, the only Pokemon that is available through these EX raids.

Now, I got my first EX pass during testing in September. I can tell you that the hype was real. Everyone was excited to get their first Mewtwo, there were so many of us, and it was such a great time.

But today, I just finished my fourth EX raid. A lot of others have had their sixth, seventh, even eighth passes, and it shows in a way. The Mewtwo hype no longer exists, except for those who received their first or second passes. In fact, I was going through waves of depression when I received my second and third passes, and they helped. But I realised that it’s getting a bit boring now.

I got downvoted on The Silph Road’s subreddit for even claiming such a thing, but it’s true – the EX raids are  getting very underwhelming for those of us who have now received multiple passes. So do we need a new system? Absolutely. As for what that new system would be, is uncertain. However, it may be beneficial to not include people who have had multiple passes for eligibility, so that others who have not yet received passes would be able to receive one instead of someone that would have their eighth.

I know I should feel grateful that I received passes at all, but when you get a pass and feel underwhelmed by it, then there’s a problem. However, there isn’t anything exciting to come from the EX raids besides Mewtwo, and with Mythical Pokemon being distributed via the new research feature, perhaps it’s the right time to put the EX raids to bed and instead even opt for new special research tasks focusing on Mewtwo, now that a lot of the playerbase has access to Mew (and it has been confirmed that the Mew quest line will only disappear once you have caught Mew, so you won’t lose the opportunity to catch Mew if you haven’t yet done so).

I’m sorry, I just needed to rant. But doing today’s EX raid put things into perspective, as it felt like just a normal raid to us at this point. And no, I didn’t catch this Mewtwo, but why would I be bothered by it, when I already have three of them?

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