A Week of Research – A Completionist’s Opinion

I know myself to be a full-on completionist, and it irks me that I have not yet been able to travel the world as freely as I would like to in order to complete my Pokedex fully (do NOT get me started on Smeargle please). But I’ve been such a completionist in terms of the new research feature. From Saturday 31st March, I’d been out on long walks for four days straight doing as many tasks as possible, and yes, I was stuck on the 10 ghosts for the longest time.

For my last ghost, for example, I suffered a walk in the pouring rain, actually feeling depressed and frustrated (mostly at the rain though, not at the game), only to get back home, pop an Incense that spawned the one Shuppet I needed. Hallelujah!

As for the raids – the town centre, which is usually good for raids – completely dead except for two Latias, so I couldn’t use my time-out trick as efficiently. Thankfully I got a lift to a Shuppet raid where I completed my 10 raids.

I got my Mew that night, and with the ghost quest, we knew our community really missed the trackers and maps, but we’ve been communicating our findings in chat instead, and I know this is what Niantic wanted in the first place.

From getting my Mew yesterday, to getting my reward Moltres today, I’ve been really happy with this new system, and it doesn’t feel biased or unfair. It either takes a bit of grinding or practice to finish these tasks, and they work well for those living in more rural areas, too!

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