So this happened tonight…

Hey everyone! The latest wave of EX passes went out just now, and…well, I got myself a surprise, I guess!

This is my fourth pass, specifically my third since testing ended. And I know the raid from which I was able to claim this pass.

Only on Monday, I had an appointment to attend. However, I was too early, and there was a raid at The Pods – it was only a Sableye, so I thought I might give it a shot. And I did. It was completely on a whim because I was way too early for an appointment (I hate being late to things).

I’ve recently had EX passes, so I wasn’t expecting one, nor was I too bothered if I got one or not. I have three Mewtwos now, one of which is 96% IVs. But I might have an AR pic taken with my Mewtwo. At least it gives me an opportunity to talk about the EX raid atmosphere in my hometown, Scunthorpe, before I release my Scunthorpe blog entry.

In other news, I’ve levelled up to level 37!

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