Pokemon Go V0.97.2 APK Breakdown – Mew, Research and Badges

It’s about 10am and I woke up to a new Pokemon Go update – 0.97.2. This is being rolled out currently, and it’s got a lot of stuff. For full details, please visit https://thesilphroad.com/news/new-v0-97-2-get-ready-research-prof-willow/. But for now, let’s dig in to this APK mine!

On the surface, we already have a new loading screen, which has been welcome since we’re past the New Year by a long shot. And it looks epic. Professor Willow has really come back, hasn’t he? And Mew is behind him.

Getting to the main screen, the weather icon has shifted to the top right corner, above the compass. The weather, compass and Go+ icons have been cleaned up and look less intrusive to the game screen itself.

The main focus is obviously the new Research system we talked about yesterday, and that can be explained in yesterday’s post or in the above link.

Also, Professor Willow is back in 3D this time, and he’ll finally get back in touch with us. He’ll be able to use different functions, such as fidgeting.

We also have two new badges – the Challenge (Quests) badge and the Mew Encounter badge. They have appeared in the graphic assets and will activate when the research system launches.

Preparations for future Mythical Pokemon have been added with two attributes – islegendary and ismythic. This is self-explanatory for coders, but it designates whether a Pokemon is a Legendary or Mythical.

The metadata confirms Mew, with the encounter type ‘mewencounter’. I’m so excited for this, because not only is it Mew, but then I’d only need Tauros to complete the Kanto Pokedex fully. Hype train incoming!

Oh, and the ‘remember my last ball type’ bug is now gone, where it remembers the last type of ball you used and sets it up. Apparently that was unintentional, so that’s no longer a feature.

There is so much on research that would be complicated for me to dive into, as a novice programmer. But the quest awards include experience, items, stardust, candy, avatar clothing, quests and a new Pokemon encounter. Pretty sweet, eh?

So Mew will fill that last hole in Kanto’s Pokedex (apart from mine, I still need Tauros). But we can see this paving the way for other Mythicals such as Celebi, Jirachi and maybe Deoxys (dependent on Deoxys’ role in the Legendary/Mythical argument).

So, that’s everything. We now have to look forward to Friday to get our quest system up and ready. Happy hunting!

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