Quests Are Coming To Pokemon Go!

So as the title reads, yes, quests are coming. I’m a day late in posting because I only set this site up last night, but I digress.

We have confirmation that on Friday, March 30th (I assume 1pm PST) the quest feature will be launched, in the form of research, which makes sense for the kind of game that it is. And it appears that Mew will also be a part of this.

Yes, that’s right. The last Kanto Pokemon to yet be released, Mew, is sure to come. And Professor Willow has come back to us. Finally. After so long.

We have two forms of research – Field and Special. Field research tasks are obtained by spinning Pokestops, and it looks like you can have up to three at once, and you can delete where needed, and replace with a new research task. These tasks reward different items, such as potions or TMs. Each day, you can gain a stamp by completing a task. When you have collected seven stamps, you gain stardust, bonus items and a special Pokemon encounter, rumoured to be legendaries. I will say this now, this is huge for rural and suburban players who normally can’t find raid groups, or raids in general.

The Special tasks are given by Professor Willow himself. It appears that you need to complete all three given tasks before moving on to the next stage. I assume this is where you will have the opportunity to encounter (or even be gifted with) Mew.

I feel that we will have more information on research when we have the feature in the game and running.

I like how my first news report is the biggest new feature since raids and the gym rework, and it’s too exciting. Remember guys, March 30th – that’s a Friday!

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