April Community Day – Mareep!

Hi everyone! It’s another quick post, because April Community Day is confirmed to be Mareep.

Community Day will begin on April 15th (a Sunday), and the confirmed bonus is quartered egg hatch distance, which is perfect alongside Super Incubators for XP gain.

Mareep is an Electric type Pokemon originating from the Johto region, alongside its evolutions Flaaffy and Ampharos. Ampharos later gets a Mega-Evolution (Electric/Dragon).

As for my plans, they are unconfirmed at the moment, but I am hoping to go back to Hull again, as the Bulbasaur Community Day was a huge success. I enjoyed my weekend in Hull, and the details will be posted in an upcoming entry.

There has yet to be an announced exclusive move, but that will be revealed closer to the time.

My thoughts: I did expect Charmander to be next, and I wanted Eevee, but Mareep…y’know, I really like Mareep, so it’ll be interesting. And it’s another pink shiny confirmed for the roster.

I will be revealing my plans closer to the time, but Hull is most likely.

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