An Introduction To Me

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Hey guys, it’s PokeTraveller Lola. I’d like to give some information about my blog.

I’m working on incorporating Pokemon Go into my future travels, and I would love more than anything to be able to make it a career for myself. I love travelling, writing and gaming, so combining three of my passions is what is driving me forward.

Obviously my real name isn’t Lola, but it’s a combination of my first and middle names, so I guess it works out well, and it rolls off the tongue better in my opinion. I could have been an Ace Trainer (taken by Ace Trainer Liam) or a Pokemon Master (taken by PkmnMasterHolly). PokeTraveller works well for what I want this blog and my future Youtube channel to be.

I feel that for the time being, all Pokemon Go news and travel blogs will be on my blog, but as soon as I get my channel sorted, a lot of the Pokemon Go content will shift to the channel, unless you want me to keep everything on this blog here.

I’ll also be designing my logo and artwork if I can get good at drawing, but we’ll see.

Without further ado, welcome, and have fun!

Also, featured image is from last year, in one of my all-time favourite cities, Dublin, Ireland. *I wanna go back*

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