More Nicknames for Perfect IV Pokemon | Pokemon GO

Hey guys! It’s been a while, but over the course of the past year, I obtained a total of 28 100% IV Pokemon! As I’ve gone over the nicknames for previous ones, here are the newer additions up to 5th March 2021!

Pichu – “Lil’ Bud” – this was a name purely because it was one of the flower crown Pichu hatches from Easter 2020. I named it Lil’ Bud because of it, and I could never bring myself to evolve it into a Pikachu.

Cacturne – “Pokey” – this one came randomly in my flat, and I egged my boyfriend to catch it as well. I named it Pokey, after Connor’s Cacturne in the short-lived Emerald Soul-Link, so it felt like a great call-back.

Magnezone – “Flash” – this one I got from Field Research, and named it Flash because it seemed like a fitting name. Because of the constraints of using a Magnetic Lure, I only evolved this more recently into Magnezone. Funnily enough, my mum now has a cat named Flash.

Sharpedo – “Peter File” – this one was caught during the Carvanha Incense Day, and I named it Peter File as a direct nod to The IT Crowd, because I always used to add “file” to the end of “Sharpedo” as a joke.

Torterra – “Kaguya” – I did name Torterra after Kaguya, a Naruto character based on folklore that ate fruit from the God Tree and became the first wielder of chakra. I’ve noticed that Naruto takes a lot of inspiration from Japanese folklore, and it’s pretty interesting.

Hippowdon – “Sahara” – my second 100% Hippowdon, this time female. I named her Sahara after the Sahara Desert.

Arbok – “Rocket” – my second 100% Arbok, but this one differs because it came from a GO Rocket battle. I could have named it Jessie, but it’s male, so…

Deoxys – “NoodleArm” – I admit I usually forget I have a hundo Deoxys. Whoops! But it follows the tradition of naming every Deoxys after some kind of pasta. Noodle just happens to be one of those.

Pelipper – “Toiletbirb” – this nickname still makes Connor laugh. And it kinda looks like a toilet, so it’d be rude not to!

Tepig – “Rasher” – like with Pichu, I don’t have the heart to evolve this just yet. I named it Rasher because it’s a pig, and you know where bacon comes from. Please tell me you know where bacon comes from!

Alolan Raticate – “Anicotti” – simply put, this one was named after one of the mouse Animal Crossing villagers.

Mawile – “Gnasher” – it’s named Gnasher because of it’s huge-ass head-jaw. I can’t wait to see this thing Mega Evolve.

Vanilluxe – “BrainFreeze” – it was so annoying to catch these when they came out for the holiday event, but I managed to snag a hundo from Field Research. And of course, if you eat ice cream too quick, you get brain freeze!

Ninetales – “Mito” – because it’s a female, I decided to name it after Kurama’s first Jinchuriki, Mito Uzumaki. Hey, I wasn’t gonna be gender-bending like a lot of fanfic writers do!

Dewott – “Blizzard” – I’ve mentioned this before, but I named the then-Oshawott after the limited edition Sneak flavour that dropped on the same day that I got this.

Pinsir – “ItBugged” – the entire Meowth balloon sequence bugged the heck out, and I almost thought I wasn’t gonna get this. So I purified it and it became a hundo.

Chikorita – “Nomeyy” – this is named after Nomeyy, who spent ages going for a shiny Cyndaquil in HGSS, only to keep getting shiny Chikorita. I was going after a hundo Cyndaquil to replace the one that got lost to the ether. So when I got a hundo female Chikorita, there was only one name…

Weavile – “Stevile” – this is named after my good friend Steve, whose favourite Pokemon is Weavile. I got this during the Sneasel Research Day (that honestly we didn’t even need).

Weavile – “Aphrodite” – this also came from the same Sneasel Day, but because this one’s female, I named her after the Ice Queen from the House of Night series.

Mismagius – “RainBringer” – I caught this from Field Research during the terrible GO Rocket event. It was raining, so I named it RainBringer because I didn’t have any other ideas. I was going to change it later but I couldn’t be bothered to.

Skuntank – “Darcy” – this was named after Storm Darcy that was brewing at the time.

Charizard – “Char” – my first “shundo”, I caught it during the Kanto Tour event, as the first shiny, coming from the auto-completed Special Research. I named it after the first Charmander that I ever used in LeafGreen, so it was really fitting.

Kangaskhan – “MotherKang” – soon after I caught the shundo Charmander, we went over to a Kangaskhan raid, which ended up giving me another hundo of the day. MotherKang immediately sprung to mind, so there was a nickname idea straight away.

Squirtle – “Turt” – it’s my third hundo Squirtle…it’s a turt. It’s now called Turt.

Octillery – “Sushi” – a clever GPS drift in the apartment block granted me a hundo Remoraid, and it was either Sushi or Takoyaki. Sushi won out, but only just.

Walrein – “Flubber” – Walrein is big and beautiful, so it’s named after that classic Robin Williams film. Simple.

Nidoran M – “Biff” – I’m pretty sure Nidoking can pull off the name Biff, right? It’s my second hundo male Nidoran, so I’m definitely not getting variety here.

Nosepass – “Lost” – I know it’s based on a compass, hence the nickname. I just really fancied a bit of irony in its name!

What’s Happening? | That Little Lola

Hey guys!

I haven’t actually taken a hiatus in a while, but right now, I really need to. I have too many projects that I want to focus on, and I feel like I’m trying to cram in so much, as well as worrying about numbers.

But I’m definitely burnt out like you wouldn’t believe. However, in terms of all of the content I have planned, I intend on carrying on with all of the ongoing series anyway, getting them scheduled up and then taking a break.

I’ve come to realise that I’m no longer enjoying the writing that I’m doing. Everything I do outside of writing, I always think of ways to try and embed that into the blog. Honestly, I’ve done almost daily posts for the past year or so, and I’m tired.

I want to be able to upload roughly once per week, and that will happen with the Pokemon top 10 lists, and my Gym Teams posts will still continue, but there may be delays. Other anime posts will wait, and I will do the Community Day posts as and when.

What I’ll be doing instead is catching up on other projects that have fallen to the wayside a bit – the books, Miss Lola’s Scents, other videos that I have planned, the works! So in that regard, I’ll be keeping busy, but for now it just comes down to wanting a break for my own mental health and well-being.

Miss Lola’s Scents has had a delay, purely for costs, feedback, manufacturing and just general health.

And, for now…see you guys soon!

Gym Teams | Bug

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in this post, I haven’t been too well of late, so I had to reschedule. But here it is!

This series was inspired by my good friend Tim’s series that he did over the course of 18 months. He outlined the following rules, and I added the fourth:

  1. No Legendaries or Mythicals allowed
  2. No duplicate Pokemon across two posts.
  3. The exceptions to the above rule is regional variants or form changes that change the type.
  4. The Pokemon can be level 50 maximum


I could have gone with Moxie, but considering that it might not last too long with its 4x Flying weakness, I thought of Flame Orb/Guts Ability instead. A first-turn Protect will allow me to secure that Flame Orb bonus too! Hopefully a Stone Edge would help mess up those Flying-types!

Ability: Guts

Item: Flame Orb

Moves: Protect, Throat Chop, Stone Edge, Brick Break


I want to take advantage of Accelgor’s ridiculous speed to get as much done as possible. For example, bringing Swift to use the Normal Gem to activat the Unburden Ability, and then using Toxic Spikes at the detriment of the opponent.

Ability: Unburden

Item: Normal Gem

Moves: Swift, Bug Buzz, Sludge Bomb, Toxic Spikes


I originally wanted Volcarona, but Larvesta won’t evolve within our level capacity, so I went with Centiskorch, the next best thing. I went with a general moveset that would be good for Centiskorch, considering its weaknesses, so Power Whip would come in handy here to deal with that 4x weakness to Rock.

Ability: Flame Body

Item: Leftovers

Moves: Crunch, Leech Life, X-Scissor, Power Whip


Ribombee is strangely enough a powerhouse, hence why it’s on this team. I decided with a very simple moveset, with a Calm Mind to further boost its Special stats. Because at this stage, why not?

Ability: Shield Dust

Item: Sitrus Berry

Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Psychic, Calm Mind, Energy Ball


Orbeetle’s Ability in a singles battle is difficult, as I’d prefer to use Telepathy, but no matter. I tried to go for a different variety of movesets, setting up a Psychic Terrain to prevent some priority moves, as well as setting up the Special Defense by way of Psychic Seed. Future Sight is just a bit of added compensation to the opponent.

Ability: Frisk

Item: Psychic Seed

Moves: Psychic Terrain, Psychic, Bug Buzz, Future Sight

Mega Scizor

Scizor plays host to a variety of low-power moves that can be boosted by its Mega’s Ability, Technician. With that in mind I went for a few different things here. This includes the obligatory Swords Dance to further increase its attack, and away you go. I mean, it may get mulched by Fire-type moves, but we live for the danger here (and Bug isn’t a great type all-round either).

Ability: Technician

Item: Scizorite

Moves: Swords Dance, Double Hit, Fury Cutter, Wing Attack

Worst Ghost-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! I’m pretty spooked by these terrible Pokemon (okay, some are filler), so here are the worst Ghost-type Pokemon!


The worst thing is that this is the only new Ghost-type in Johto. Plus Mismagius is infinitely better, right down to the shiny.


I’ve discussed this in the previous Worst Bugs post, and my point still stands.

Mega Sableye

I don’t think this needed a Mega Evolution, and even then it doesn’t change much. I suppose it’s part of the design and lore, but…eh.


I just prefer the concept and execution (pardon the pun) of Banette, and to that extent Mega Banette, it’s that simple.


Blame the Rotom Dex in the Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon games, where it tells you that it’s giving you unsolicited advice. Mate, you’ve just said it’s advice you weren’t asked for, so don’t give the advice!

Hoopa Confined

I haven’t seen the film, but I’ve heard enough people mimic it to the point where it’s annoying as hell.

Galarian Yamask

I still have nightmares of when I lost my Galarain Yamask, while trying to get it evolved, because of the Hail buffer. Ouch.


As much as I love the appearance of Dusknoir, its only good purpose is to make Dusclops better with Eviolite.


These last two are literally here because it’s slim pickings.

Oricorio (Sensu)

As I said with Blacephalon, it’s slim pickings. I just probably won’t use Oricorio in general, so there’s that.

Behind The Nickname – Ideas Behind My Pokemon Nicknames

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this. I actually did a few separate posts discussing my Pokemon nicknames in Pokemon GO, including my Pokemon with 100% IVs, and I went over the story of those, aside for the ones that I’ve caught over the past year. But I’m clearly not done!

Pokemon: Oshawott
Nickname: Blizzard
Game: Pokemon GO

I already had a 100% Oshawott that I evolved into Samurott called ‘Oshikuru’ after the focal point in that one Two and a Half Men episode, but I obtained another during the Unova Catch Challenge event this year. I obtained it the same day that Sneak’s Blizzard flavour was re-released, so I thought it was fitting.

It tastes so good too! The Sneak flavour, not the Oshawott….

Pokemon: Jellicent
Nickname: Barbecue
Game: Pokemon Shield

I encountered the Jellicent during a Shield Nuzlocke I did last year. It took a while for me to catch it, and I started getting hungry, so I named it after the first thing I could think of, which was Barbecue. Honestly, Jellicent did so well and was amazing on my team, and it gave me a huge appreciation for the line. It’s now in my top 20!

Pokemon: Moltres (shiny)
Nickname: Salmonella
Game: Pokemon Sword

I mean, the name speaks for itself! I know a lot of people call it ‘sunburnt chicken’ but I think my name fits better, purely because I see it as undercooked. It’s a horrible shiny, I just wish that wasn’t the case.

Pokemon: Charmander
Nickname: Char / Charity
Game: All

The first ever Charmander that I had in LeafGreen I nicknamed Char, and that nickname kinda stuck with me nine years later. Most recently, I caught a 100% shiny Charmander in the Kanto Tour, so I nicknamed it Char.

The reason why Charity came about (as a female name variant) is because me and my good friend Steve were chatting about a charity run, and how there wasn’t much point in doing it if I didn’t have the charity to represent – except for Steve, the word “charity” autocorrected to “Charizard”. So it’s stuck ever since!

Pokemon: Manectric
Nickname: Chidori
Game: Pokemon OmegaRuby / Pokemon Sword

The premise behind the name was pretty simple. Electrike and Manectric share canine features, and the Electric-typing served as the great opportunity to name it Chidori. This is primarily because the Chidori Jutsu in Naruto was created by Kakashi, who can summon dogs as well. It kinda went hand-in-hand, and thus when shiny hunting Electrike in Sword, I named a shiny “Chidori II”. Of course, it’s become Sasuke’s signature Jutsu, and Kakashi can no longer fully utilise it after losing his Sharingan, but the thought is still there.

Pokemon: Mudsdale
Nickname: Clonkers
Game: Pokemon Shield

The hardest part of a Nuzlocke can often be nicknames, especially if there’s no running theme you have. Enter Clonkers, which was pulled from thin air for my Shield Nuzlocke,

Pokemon: Houndoom
Nickname: Scoobydoom
Game: Pokemon Emerald

During mine and Connor’s short-lived Soul Link, I chose Houndoom as my starter, and named it Scoobydoom. I remember that one didn’t even make it past the first session, as Connor’s linked Aron died, so I had to forever box my Houndoom.

Doctor Who Reviews | Series 3

Hey guys! I’m sorry for my apparent Rose-bashing in the last series, I didn’t intend on being so harsh on a fan favourite, but a lot of things kinda wasn’t right for me, just wanted to address that, before I air more grievances about the topic.

Today, I’m reviewing the third modern era series of Doctor Who. This is gonna be a bumpy ride.

Smith and Jones

This episode introduces the newest companion, Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman, who also played her cousin Adeola in Army of Ghosts from last series. She’s a medical student, in a hospital that gets taken to the moon, and then the Judoon platoon arrive. I’ve read that the “Judoon platoon upon the Moon” line was a production inside joke that was aimed at David Tennant, as he has difficulty speaking the “-oon” suffixed words in an English accent.

The one thing that really annoys me about the episode is the goddamned companion kiss trope, because even though it is there for plot convenience, it sets up Martha’s ‘doting on the Doctor’ character development that just winds me up for the rest of the series. I mean he’s cute, but still…overall, it’s a good episode, hits all the right first-episode-of-the-new-companion story notes for me.

It’s also establishes the Harold Saxon plot point, but more on him later!

The Shakespeare Code

I know I kinda bashed on the notion of reading select William Shakespeare texts at school in a previous post, but here’s an episode dedicated to the Bard himself.

I really do like this episode, a lot more than I give it credit for. The Carrionites are interesting enemies, using word-based science as well as the architecture of the Globe Theatre (I love me some architecture and literature, so a winning combination!). The right words in the right places – cannot relate!

As much as I love this episode, I hate this episode for drawing out the ‘Doctor pining for Rose’ storyline, especially brushing off Martha with a ‘eh, Rose would know what to do, you’re just a hitchiker’, like no, bitch treat Martha with some respect! She saved his life, and came up with the right word to defeat the Carrionites (fucking “Expelliarmus”, by the way), but oh Roooooose. Nu-uh.

It also turns out that Queen Elizabeth I hates the Doctor, and it’s not really explained for a good few years yet…

Overall, a solid episode for getting used to the notion of a new companion, mishaps aside.


And we’re back on New Earth again. How original. And Martha puts it well, referring to herself as a rebound. I mean, it’s accurate.

I gotta say though, it’s a new angle on New Earth, and I went into it remembering that I didn’t like Gridlock all that much. However, on rewatching, I enjoyed it a lot more than I remembered. Martha gets kidnapped by a young couple so that they have enough adult passengers in their car to go into the fast lane – fun fact, Cheen is played by Lenora Crichlow, who also played Victoria Skillane in the Black Mirror episode White Bear (cue link to that review).

I think the fact that there was an overwhelming sense of claustrophobia with the emissions, as well as there being no way out of the Motorway, and people are stuck on there for years, literally having kittens. It’s nice to see

The ending with the Face of Boe is ominous and sad, with his “you are not alone” message. It definitely prompts Martha to be upfront and not take any of the Doctor’s shit. Good for you Martha.

Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks

On the flip-side to Gridlock, I remember liking this a bit more than I do now. I don’t feel any attachment to any of the other characters, and Tallulah’s lover Lazslo gets turned into a pig, not unlike the ones from the Aliens of London episode. Are they related? I don’t know, and I frankly don’t really care. They’re a throwaway thing at this point for me, a hybrid experiment for a Dalek to take on a more humanoid form later.

I think it’s Dalek Sec’s appendages in his humanoid form that make it feel disjointed. He also has more humane sentiments in this new form, which makes sense considering the second-half’s story with the Doctor’s DNA embedding itself into the hybrids…it gets messy, especially as I feel that the ending is rushed and there’s so much build-up for little pay-off.

On the surface, it’s fine, but it would have been nice to not have a Dalek-focused episode, especially one like this.

The Lazarus Experiment

I mean, this is alright I suppose. It really begins the Harold Saxon arc in full force, and Martha’s mum, Francine, thinks the Doctor is hella sus. The weird creature that Lazarus turns into is more frightening than the immortal scorpion from Serious Sam 3 (this is why you don’t pirate, kids!).

I always forget the resolution of this episode, the ending itself feels really forgettable, and I always look back and think that it ended at the lab rather than at the cathedral. Please don’t ask why, that’s just what I keep remembering of it.


Honestly this is the worst episode of the series. I just felt that it was a worse mimic of the Ood/Beast two-parter from last season.

A common characteristic with Martha is definitely her adoration for the Doctor, and this is despite getting the chance to smooch Riley.

The only benefit this episode added was the scenes with Francine and her phone being tapped for information to give to Harold Saxon. So it’s basically more of a filler episode than most in this series.

Human Nature / The Family of Blood

You’d be forgiven for not liking this particular two-parter purely for the character of John Smith, because that was my first thought going into these episodes initially. It’s mainly because the Doctor has had to become human to escape The Family, and that rewrote literally everything, although bits and pieces of memories resurface.

As time goes on and I keep rewatching the episodes, it’s easy to sympathise with John Smith. All that he’s known was a human life, and is basically scared of the identity of the Doctor. You feel for him and Joan, and Martha especially. It’s a very bittersweet ending though, and those ninjas decided to make a visit to cut some onions while I watched the Rememberance Day scene.


After the last Doctor-lite episode (Love and Monsters) wasn’t a big hit, it was interesting that they decided to make another one in the form of Blink. However, this is my favourite episode of the series. We can all agree that it gave Carey Mulligan a great starting platform as Sally Sparrow, the main character of this episode.

This was definitely scary on first viewing, and now that we’ve had more episodes of the Weeping Angels, it’s lost its appeal somewhat. But I like the core introduction of them, especially with the people in Sally’s life disappearing, like Kathy and Billy, both having lived full lives in the past.

The whole ending sequence is pretty terrifying, and definitely worthy of a horror genre, as well as the wibbly wobbly timey wimey…stuff.

Utopia / The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords

This is a strange set of episodes, because it ends up becoming a three-parter. Captain Jack makes a return (and is not impressed with the Doctor for ditching him in the middle of nowhere), and his immortal ass glomps the TARDIS. I quite like this episode, and initially thought it’d be standalone when on first watching, but something was amiss. A lot of little plot conveniences such as the Doctor’s chopped-off hand and the fob watch from previous episodes makes its way to Professor Yana, who’s a bit more than a little bit insane, and trying to launch the rocket to get all of the humans to Utopia.

So yeah, turns out Yana is the Master. Who’d have thunk it?

It leads onto what would have otherwise been the two-part finale (and makes it a three-parter), and it seems like the Master has a penchant for double lives, going by the previously-alluded-to Harold Saxon, who is now the Prime Minister. I’ve had Voodoo Child in my head for the longest time after watching The Sound of Drums, and this was a great dystopian episode set that I like so much (completely the opposite of the Utopia from the first of this three).

The last episode is basically why I really like Martha as a companion. She’s just so badass in this episode, and I’m glad that even though everything got reversed, the ‘eye of the storm’ means that she still keeps all of that character development, then leaves the TARDIS after confessing her love for the Doctor.

Also props to the Master for using I Can’t Decide, which was definitely one of my favourite songs from the Ta-Dah album.

Voyage of the Damned

Here we have the traditional Christmas episode, having had the Titanic crash into the Titanic.

Remember when Astrid was rumoured to be so important because her name was an anagram of TARDIS? Yeah, turns out absolutely not, she’s just a regular humanoid character. Think it would have been expensive to keep Kylie Minogue on as a regular companion, although it’s the same Doctor romance trope that I’m now tired of.

It’s a shame though, because Astrid was a breath of fresh air, and it would have been nice for the Doctor to travel with a humanoid companion that’s not from Earth (we do get that later with Nardole, but that’s much later).

I think it’s a tad cheesy this episode, but it’s for Christmas, so it’s always going to get that cheese factor in there.

Overall it’s been a good series of episodes. I think a lot of people see Martha as a rebound companion but she holds her own really well, her only major character flaw being besotted with the Doctor. I mean, given that it’s David Tennant, I’m not surprised.

She’s a better companion that a lot of people give her credit for, and she’s capable of a lot more, I reckon. It definitely won’t be the last we see of Martha, which is what we’re here for.

Next time, we’re going into series 4, and that’s a fun ride!

Worst Bug-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! These Pokemon just…bug me. I dunno…here are the worst of the bugs!


I love Paras, don’t get me wrong, But I lose interest as soon as it evolves into Parasect. I had one in LeafGreen, and once it evolved it went straight into the box, never to be seen again.


It’s got a fun gimmick, and that’s it.


This is on here for the sole reason that it’s based on a goddamn mosquito. I hate those bastards. Nope. Nope. Nope.


This bastard. My arch nemesis. If I had a lifelong enemy, it is Masquerain. In Pokemon GO, two Masquerain spawned when they were first released – the first one didn’t even spawn for me (it spawned for Connor), the other ran away on the GO+. When I finally got a Masquerain, it was nicknamed ‘You Bastard’, and you can’t name them that now, so there’s that!


Wait, this exists? Crap. We’ll stick it here then.


All of the Wormadams are terrible, let’s put it that way.


What’s worse than a useless Bug-type? Two useless Bug-types. I couldn’t justify putting them in different entries so here they are.


We already have a good Bug/Steel-type in the collection (which is not Forretress by the way, that title goes to Scizor). No wonder this gets eaten up by Heatmor. Along with Heatmor it makes the worst of the rival counterparts (the better one being Zangoose & Seviper).


I mean, it’s fine. It’s not great…okay, it’s pretty bad. Why does it get Iron Fist when it has a terrible Attack stat? Just no.


I don’t like bees, Vespiquen can buzz off. End of.

Gym Teams | Poison

Hey guys! We’re right into my favourite type, the Poison-type! This was fun, trying to come up with a different team set-up to that of my original Poison doubles Gym team. But here we are!

This series was inspired by my good friend Tim’s series that he did over the course of 18 months. He outlined the following rules, and I added the fourth:

  1. No Legendaries or Mythicals allowed
  2. No duplicate Pokemon across two posts.
  3. The exceptions to the above rule is regional variants or form changes that change the type.
  4. The Pokemon can be level 50 maximum


Crobat is one that I want to put into my Poison doubles anyway, and this is the sort of set-up that I’d use, give or take a few items. The Toxic and Hex set-up would be a great combination, and Leech Life to combat the Psychic-types. I also wanted a STAB Flying-type move, hence Dual Wingbeat.

Ability: Inner Focus

Item: Sitrus Berry

Moves: Dual Wingbeat, Toxic, Hex, Leech Life


Roserade’s a mainstay on my Poison team, and it’s here again! I decided on Giga Drain instead of Synthesis, just so that it deals damage and heals at the same time, coupling with the Black Sludge for extra healing power. I’d like to set up Toxic Spikes and Leech Seed for that extra crippling damage at the end of each turn. Because why not?

Ability: Poison Point

Item: Black Sludge

Moves: Toxic Spikes, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Leech Seed


You knew it had to be here, didn’t you? And of course I had to go with my standard Toxtricity set, right down to the moves and item.

Ability: Punk Rock

Item: Choice Specs

Moves: Overdrive, Boomburst, Hex, Poison Jab

Galarian Weezing

This is my Explosion setter, hence the Normal Gem. It could have been used with Skuntank as well, but I think Weezing just works better as an exploder, plus Skuntank has a different purpose. I went with Levitate over Neutralizing Gas for the Ground-type immunity.

Ability: Levitate

Item: Normal Gem

Moves: Explosion, Sludge Bomb, Strange Steam, Dark Pulse


Skuntank is in this team for its Dark typing, because then it’s immune to Psychic-types. In my reworked Poison doubles it actually replaces Weezing as the Explosion set-up, but this time the direction is quite different. I just Life Orb the Skuntank, and give it a vast range of moves for coverage. Aftermath also comes into play instead of Keen Eye or Stench, just to help whittle the health of the opponent.

Ability: Aftermath

Item: Life Orb

Moves: Flamethrower, Crunch, Iron Tail, Poison Jab

Mega Gengar

Again, this is very similar to my Posion Gym team Gengar, except for the Mega Evolution forcing me to choose a different item other than Focus Sash. Shadow Tag would be a great Ability for the end of the road, meaning that the opponent can’t switch out freely.

Ability: Shadow Tag

Item: Gengarite

Moves: Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Sludge Bomb

Tips For New and Returning Players | Pokemon GO

Hey guys! In light of the new Referral programme that’s gone live for testing in Australia, we’ll be seeing more new or returning players. Of course, my advice for returning players depends entirely on when they stopped playing, so of course, adjust accordingly. And if you don’t have anyone that would be willing to use your referrer code, don’t worry – I’m in the same boat (I live in the UK anyway so I don’t have access to this feature yet, but I am making plans).

I probably will never be able to use the referral feature because of lack of access to friends and non-players, so I’ll have to make a brand new account for this – watch this space!

Add your referrer as a Friend

This is important so that both yourself and your referrer can access the rewards linked to your account when you do several Research tasks. It’s not enough to simply enter the referral code.

You will obtain very valuable items and encounters which will give you the jump-start in the game, which is pretty neat, and it’ll give you the kind of rewards that a lot of us Day 1 players took a while to obtain in the first place, such as Chansey or Charizard. Your referrer will get encounters such as Bagon and Gible.

Engage in the local community

The best bet for this is to find a Facebook group, as there is usually one in each town or city. From there, if there is any separate chats, that’s your go-to for any information, answers and friends! Of course, if you can ignore all of the in-community drama, that tends to help!

This also helps out to coordinate 5* and Mega Raids, especially during Raid Hours and Raid Days. Also adding more friends means more XP gained from opening and sending Gifts, and generally interactions such as trading and Raid Battles.

I got through my first couple of years raiding thanks to engaging with the community, although I’ve since left for various reasons. However, it’s a handy resource to have in the beginning!

Choosing a Team – Gym Longevity

Choosing a team to bat for comes down to the Gym longevity. For example, I’m on Valor, in a town where Valor is the more dominant team at the moment. This can change, of course, but it hasn’t done for a while. Of course, you can only do this from Level 5 and up, and not choosing a team means that you are unable to finish a lot of Special Research tasks, such as raids. Some of the easier Platinum medals also come from holding Gyms and battling in them.

What are you playing for – choosing an objective

Of course, the objectives are going to be different for every player. For example, my mum likes playing to collect Pokemon, and that’s pretty much it. I play to level grind right now, while before the level cap increase it was to shiny hunt.

Everyone goes into Pokemon GO with a different objective, but also be aware that Niantic like to add tasks that will push you out of your comfort zone, so if you don’t like the idea of GO Battle League, well you gotta do it anyway, sadly.

The other objective is whether you’re going to pay money into the game or go free-to-play – either is up to you. There’s no right or wrong way to play, but playing free-to-play means it’ll take longer to reach different goals.

Also, if you’re walking around a lot at work and carry your phone, turn on Adventure Sync and watch as it tracks your walking and hatches eggs for you! You get rewarded every Monday at 9am.

Take advantage of the Special Research

The Special Research is a very valuable way to gain different items and encounters for a head-start, especially when you’re at a lower level. For example, the Jump-Start Research that I did in 2019 was a prime example of what you could do with the tasks, and the level of rewards given. It even gave my alternate account a huge boost when I completed it on there.

There are other Special Research tasks that will be available to you, giving a plethora of different Pokemon and rewards. They are for the long haul, as opposed to the Timed Research that we’re seeing more of nowadays, which means that you can do them at your own pace.

Item Management Is Your Friend!

This is so important. Items like Lucky Eggs and 3-use Incubators are limited, and it’s not cool to waste a Lucky Egg on Friendship XP without doing something else in the background, such as mass evolving or during a boosted XP event, such as a Community Day or while Raiding.

It’s also beneficial to think ahead. For example, I was planning ahead while doing the Level-Up Requirements, and this extends to preparing Buddies and Pokemon to max out to Level 50. Of course, the road to 40 means hard grinding XP, and of course, figuring out type match-ups for the bigger Raid bosses. It’s not cool to walk into a Rayquaza raid with a Kakuna.

Of course, you also don’t want to be running out of items too. If you’re unable to reach Pokestops, then Gifts, the daily Field Research task, the free Daily Box and the Special and/or Timed Research will help you out there! Although I’m usually running out of balls because I swear the Gifts are giving me healing items again…

Oh my God manage your Pokemon

The main reason why you see a lot of PokeTubers running out of space for Pokemon (4,000 storage mind) is because they don’t clear out their inventory of Pokemon that they need. This is my list of stuff that I keep:

  • Raid and GBL counters
  • Good shinies that I don’t want to transfer to HOME
  • Shinies that will get transferred to HOME for my shiny living dex
  • Favourite Pokemon, buddies and usual Gym defenders (it doesn’t matter what you put in at this point)
  • Rare Pokemon
  • Lucky Pokemon
  • 100% IV Pokemon
  • For Mega Evolution
  • Things to mass-evolve (to transfer afterwards)
  • Things to evolve for Pokedex entries

Some of the Pokemon fall into multiple categories. For example, my 100% shiny Charizard falls into ‘Good shinies’, ‘Favourite Pokemon’, ‘100% IV Pokemon’ and ‘For Mega Evolution’. I’m also collecting Pokemon to mass-evolve so that I can transfer them straight afterwards.

With all of this in mind, I only have 900 in storage, and I usually keep just under 300 slots free.

Travel (Or Don’t)

Of course, don’t travel right now, but when everything’s safe again, go ahead! I’m sure there’ll be a plethora of different live events such as Safari Zones and GO Fests to enjoy. For the time being, last year’s GO Fest was global, meaning that you were able to have a GO Fest experience from home. Of course, the actual event is usually better because of the masses of purpose-added Pokestops and beyond heavy spawns rates.

I mean, I had fun with last year’s GO Fest, but I know a lot of people were disappointed that it didn’t live up to the hype that the sponsored PokeTubers gave it.

This blog was originally a travel and Pokemon GO blog, so travelling is in this site’s roots. Of course, I haven’t been able to do it for over a year now, so that rebrand was worth it! But sometimes you get really good places where Pokemon GO is great, such as Nottingham or Lincoln.

And that’s as much as I can think of! If you have any other tips, leave them in the comments below!

One Year of Laranjeira | Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This time last year, I dove right in and bought Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It was my first Animal Crossing game, and let’s just say that my island, Laranjeira, has undergone a lot! I know I haven’t posted a lot of Animal Crossing content of late, but there hasn’t been a whole lot to discuss.

Right in the beginning, we stumbled on the island, with Pierce and Diva, my two starter villagers. I liked Pierce from the start, while Diva took a lot of warming up to. It’s strange thinking about how the island was so barren, like a clean slate, compared to the amount of work and changes that I’ve done with the island. There are still never enough inclines for what I wanted to do, though, and there never will be. Although I do have some new ideas for rearranging everything at least, which I may or may not have done by the time this post goes live.

I remember playing through it for a long time, and then still wanting to play it when I’d turned it off. There was so much that I needed to do, and wanted to do, that it became the ultimate goal to get through the tasks and goals during the pandemic. I suppose, strangely, the game was released at just the right time. The go-to pandemic activity was Animal Crossing, especially where you could interact with villagers freely.

I named my island ‘Laranjeira’ after the Metro station in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s in the Palma de Baixo neighbourhood, and I wanted a Portuguese name for my island, and considering you could start with orange trees, that was my goal. I did reset a few times for it, but I was successful in the end. I’ve been wanting to get a new Switch, make a second island and call it Lumiar, after the area I first lived in in Lisbon. You can sense there’s a running theme here, I definitely miss Portugal.

Of course, Pierce and Diva didn’t stay for the long term. I ended up gaining a bunch of different villagers over the course of the game, including Goldie, Roald, Raymond, Marshal, Boots, Octavian and Pashmina. I even gave Judy, Marina and Zucker to others – Zucker went over to my good friend Steve’s island, as you can’t have Takoyakigamma without the takoyaki villager!

The one to have stayed the longest is Twiggy. I moved Ozzie out and back in again to ensure I got his proper house, while I kept Twiggy because the base peppy house seemed to fit her more than her actual house. Funnily enough, Ozzie and Twiggy are Connor’s favourites, but even if that wasn’t the case, I adore both of them anyway. But it’s been fun listening to the villagers sing!

Villager hunting…was a processs. There were times when I was tired and it took hours to find the perfect villager. Other times, it wasn’t so bad. But then you find Rodney…And I did scream when I finally found Stitches after so many hunts and having him be a priority for months on end! I stopped villager hunting in September, after I gained the last dreamie, Bunnie. Of course, there were other villagers that were on my wishlist, but Bunnie was right on top of that list. While Tangy fit the Laranjeira theme the best, I just preferred Bunnie’s aesthetic more. Plus I’ve seen the memes of Tangy drinking orange juice…

Terraforming is a never-ending process for me. The amount of times I’ve changed around my island is ridiculous, and I haven’t gone to the extremes that others have done, with several different hidden areas, a kind of one-way system, that kind of thing. I wanted mine to be free-flowing, where you can take it however you want. My favourite area is still the campsite, buried in a thicket of trees, and closed off with hedges. It has a variety of different camping pieces, and it just feels so cosy to me. Of course, I think the camping feature is like when us Brits go on a resort holiday somewhere like Spain, never leave that resort, then go ‘I love Spain’. It definitely gives off that vibe, but I did meet Phoebe and Chief in the campsite so good things do come from it.

My birthday was back in February, and of course, I shared it with Stitches. The whole experience was heartwarming, considering I couldn’t go anywhere or see friends. It was the first birthday I’d spent with no plans since 2009, so there was a lot of birthdays when I had stuff to do. So I took to Animal Crossing and I was happy that it was Sydney hosting my birthday, with Chief and O’Hare attending. I then went to Stitches’s party, where Ozzie was attending. It was all very sweet, I could probably have cried from all the emotions.

Over the course of the year I accidentally turned a Pokemon chat into an Animal Crossing chat, and I’m not even sorry!

What are your favourite memories of playing Animal Crossing this past year? Let me know in the comments! I, for one, hope Brewster finally comes into the game in some form this next year!